Friday, 13 May 2016

It Is Known

It Is Known

Police: “Why don’t you like him?”
Godfrey: “We don't know him.”
Police: “Why don't you get to know him?”
Godfrey: “Because we don’t like him.” 

Getting to know somebody by asking other people about that person is getting to know the social reputation of a person. This is not the same thing as getting to know a person. Around where I live, slander campaigns, envy, lies, bitter rivalry, mis-perceptions, allegations, petty hates, rumors, form the foundation of social reputation.

The reality is, the worlds between individuals are for the most part peaceful and mutually rewarding relationships. When a third person is introduced and you use the third persons words instead of a direct relationship with a person, things go awry.

Let me put it this way; when you talk to God, do you talk to somebody religious about God or do you simply talk to God directly? If you need to get to know God, you do it directly, you do not need a third party intervener because then you have zero relationship with God. Don’t get me wrong, I make no intention of comparing myself with God.

The point is that it is the same with all people. I am not religious but I can see that God symbolizes purity. If you want a pure relationship, go to source. If you want a muddy opinion full of confusion, avoid source. If a person has gone around asking about me, and having their head filled with lies, allegations, envies, slander, rumors, petty hates, and so on; they are not actually interested in getting to know me. They are interested in what society will think of them if they try to get to know me.

And being pure hearted sort of person I can tell when I meet somebody, the purity between two people and how many stages of distance there are, how many other peoples opinions they are weighing me by, how many shields they have up and whether those shields are necessary or from their encounters with other people who are nothing to do with me. This is the same for all of us.

The sick problem we have in society is that the vast majority of people are so full of shit that the dirty confusion is to them a normality, they do not have authentic relationships with each other. Some of us do and that is how we can directly tell the difference between the ones who do not. And all we need to do is to be totally honest with ourselves and with other people. To become real and to live utterly in the moment without judging a person because of what someone irrelevant told you some time previously. It clears everything immediately.

People who live in a world where their opinion about a person is what society has decided about a person, are not living in the real world. They are not living lucidly; they are living manipulatively. They might be working in positions of relative authority but they are not authority because they are not authentic. I do not always respect assumed positions of authority. I respect authenticity far more. While on the one hand this makes me a social outcast of most groups of people; it also means I have a higher quality and more meaningful experience of life than do most people. It also means that my real friends are real friends, they are not comfort blankets to cover over a hole I dare not look in. I don’t have that hole in me.

And I truly do not care about your opinions, not of me, not of other people. Because I am self respecting and I make my own mind up about people, and things in general, because I trust my own experience and my own instincts. I do not trust a society that tells me I am wrong for my experiences and instincts.

As consequence; I am one who watches an alleged pedophile help an old lady cross the road and smiles at him for it. I am one who watches a man taking off his Anonymous mask to talk to a media reporter in the name of self glorification and I see he has no integrity despite his having hundreds of times more fans than I ever will. I am one who knows that the death row dog only bit the child because the child poked it in the eye with a toy and sympathies with the dog as much as the child. I am one who does not look away from Truth even when ordered by mainstream to follow the lies. Because I am in reality.

It does not matter what other people say about me. It does not matter who I was yesterday or a year ago because all of that is mere experience on the path toward this moment. This moment is my reality and that is all there is; we do not need to fill it up with distracting nonsense, opinions and rumors to begrudge a person who equal to us on this planet.

If you are one of the people who reads this and agree’s with it, understands it, enjoys what I am speaking about; then you know me better than does the person who asks my criminal neighbors who met me once and were rude for no reason.

But there is a reason, there is always a reason. It is usually self-protection. It is usually because people recognize, consciously or subconsciously, that I have purity of insight and do not want me to find out whatever it is they are hiding. I truly couldn’t care less although I can usually tell. This clarity comes from integrity. It comes from non-judgement. It is judgement which blinds us from it.

That’s the path. It is Taoism and it is truly simple.

picture commandeered from popular london based youtube media figure who started using it a decade after I did ~

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