Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Waves Of Solar Intent

When a strong Manifestor begins manifesting other people to re-affirm their preconceptions, those other people enact the protocol. If they do not conform to it, the manifestor regards them as spurious.
Once you are aware that this is a factor in our ongoing experiences, both socially and in preparation for socially; that Manifestors emit waves which affect those who are susceptible: then you can begin the process of detachment from other peoples waves. 
Recognising that holisticism is a mutable entity used by some people and which affects all those around them, is a vital part of ‘Waking Up’ to how the co-Creation works and what it is. 
Other peoples manifestations affect our thoughts, emotions, activities, they affect the things which come to us and through us. You are doing nothing wrong by detaching from other peoples generated waves. It is the only way toward personal empowerment. 
When you become aware how cause and affect functions in this way, integrating humans as a part of the reality machine; you become aware of who are consciously enslaving others to their designs, who are unconsciously enslaving others to their designs, who is oblivious to how we are controlled from higher dimensional intentions, and who are merely zombies enacting whatever program function they have been encoded with. 
Who retains objective clarity is the Pharaoh. 
It is useful to remember that many natural waves are occurring at many different frequencies; the process of deja vu is when two frequencies (timestreams) merge. The waves create syncronicities. 
Some waves are positive and beneficial, such as those radiated by the Solar Heart / Solar Mind which is the most optimum and energising God of our Solar System. 
Many waves we experience are so entrenched as to be regarded as ‘normality’, yet they compete with the Solar Intention. Most waves which affect us are other peoples egotists and desires. 
The intention with which a wave is created, is the flow-frequency of that manifestation. The waves work gravitationally that is they suck us into them if we resonate with them. Most people are willing and open to be co-harmonious, this is why people are vulnerable to manipulation. 
The school I follow is to attain utter detachment from every wave, seeing all waves as control games - with the one exception of the natural Solar Intent. Between the Self and the Solar Intent is a personal wave called the Medicine Journey. 
NB the geographic lay-out of places (eg; cities), and the Kami (spirit) of a place, all have their own agenda’s. manifest their own waves of intention; patterns to be manifested, unknowingly, by the people whose minds and lives are programmed by living there. 

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