Saturday, 21 May 2016

Nibiru and Nephilim

People await the Nephilim to return on Niburu - what they do not realize is the Nephilim are already here; transmigrating into Human bodies for the duration. As such are inevitably swamped by Human culture and conditioning. They are not going to come down here in spaceships as expected simply because the body is the spaceship. When the energy field is reconfigured to access the many alternate available paradigms and spectrums, we begin to understand what is actually happening.

From the Auriglyphica of SnakeAppleTree:

Ni - manifesting (from literally 'return down the mountain toward the chosen/direct path, known from observing from the Apex') - the indicative 'i' is 'travel toward' (the direct path to the sunrise, horizon, divinity).

Bu - of the result of the baseline (lower chakra / lower self) level (of our actions), on the ascendant (direct) line (purest connection with divinity - this can be interpreted both metaphorically and as electromagnetism). Note that the vowel 'u' indicates 'receptacle for spirit' and so it is the cauldron containing all of the lower densities which are in play here.

Ru - that which issues forth (speech but the word speech is indicating activities, rather than verbal - "we are true to our word so we say as we do" it means judging by actions not by words).

Generally this refers more to 'everything we have done' rather than 'everything we do' in present tense, although what we do in present tense is of course the becoming for everything that we have done in the past, is the portal through which our history travels, is the gate through which our scroll passes (some translate this as 'eye of a needle' (referring to thread in the weave) and 'gate of heaven' (the present moment, of course where else would such a thing exist?)

Niburu is so named because it heralds the described situation. The lowest common denominator for our activities at this time result in the manifestation of the new world. The individual may decide whether it is a message for individuals or for the planetary community as a whole.

Ne - 'e' indicates 'the three levels of life' (lower, middle and higher planes). Ne is another 'manifestation' word indicating knowledge which requires past experience. The Nephilim are so called because they are this thing; retained wisdom of histories through experience of whole cycles.

Phi - the ascendant and aspirant seer. The word sorcerer-king (pharoah) mutates from phi-ru (phi as in 'pi' 3.14).

The Aurioglyphica is a compendium containing the wisdom of phonemic translations to english, from the temple priests of the egyptian freemasons. It is a codex required for decoding the ancient astrologic mythologies dating back to Assyria-Babylonia~ and retained by secret societies for many thousands of years.

The ability for humans to get the information to those transmigrant souls as a part of re-awakening process is indicative of our long-term cultural awareness of species-as-holistic-self inclusive of elements outside of general awareness. People to whom this is 'conspiracy theory nonsense' are not illuminatii. What is presented here is a very very basic scratching at the surface of a much more in depth body of knowledge. There was more but the military has blowed up a lot of it, reducing the baseline by several levels, to the detriment of humanity and conscious life as a whole. Sufficient has been retained - that you are reading this is evidence of that, and of whom the real illuminatii actually are.

People who accuse me of 'starting a mystery cult' are entirely missing the point, are ignorant. I have been educated. I am teaching others from that education, to educate them also. I am not forcing this on anyone and I am not receiving material gain for it. Haters hate enlightenment, it is what happens when you shine a light in the dark; it attracts moths. I am not starting a mystery cult. I am teaching people a very ancient system of knowledge which is carved onto stone temples all over the planet. There is a big difference.

More specifically, I am teaching how to interpret the verbal information which the carvings depict, based on one system of awareness which is my lineage. I am doing this publicly - therefore it is not a secret society. You decide for yourself if this sort of education is relevant for you and for your community and if it is not, ignore it, you do not have to attack those who have benefited from an education, you could learn from them.

The bulk body of this work will be available in the Auriglyphica, as and when the compendium is sufficiently completed to release it for public.

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