Thursday, 29 December 2016

Infinity & Denial

1  Always do the right thing.    "A sorcerer acts impeccably" Don Matus

2  Faith that Cosmos conspires to look after you, 
    that Medicine Journey teaches you what you need to become what you truly are.

You have to go through everything to get to this stage of comprehension. You have to do it with forgiveness and acceptance to remain spiritually unscathed. By this time you stop criticizing. By this time the ego is a tool, not a ruler. By this time you can see through everybody, their veils are lifted from your eyes even where they are covering their own eyes from seeing Truth.

Going through everything, forgiveness and acceptance means knowing how things work. And they do not work how you want them to. They do not work how you think they do. They do not work how you think they should. Because you have not factored for everything yet. You have not factored for the things which you deny to be real.

We live in a world where there are stories beyond the limitations of your belief. The credibility of those things is not what is being judged. Your acceptance of the connotations of the concept of "infinity" is what causes you to be tested.
There is the absolute of Truth and there is distraction. Your Heart is the gate and the probability is that you are keeping it held shut. It is elastic and it hurts like an asshole to stretch it open too far. Experiencing all of that pain and letting go of it is necessary, to use it as a wide open eye, to know Life for what it truly is.

The ancient symbol for this is Udjet. Such symbol necessarily functions on many levels of perception. Udjet is the receptacle for Djed the pillar, the vortice. Udjet is gate of the vortex, all that which flows within its gaze, the insight of a farseer, that which we call Pharoah, one who has seen far, whose radiance projects form into the world.

"We See As We Sey" ancient proverb

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