Tuesday, 27 December 2016

World In Transition

A Leap of Faith over the Chasm of A World Split Asunder

world in transition.  

The reality is so much more flabberghasting that most of us cannot cope with it, when we can it is difficult to sustain for long. It is splitting into two - the prophecies of indigenous people all over the world - one is a high vibrational state where our projected thoughts manifest as events in mass-time and the other is a denser vibration where our experiences are a consequence of events in mass-time. 

In christian tradition these are described as Heaven (light) and Earth (mass). Nothing to do with religion, simply the physics being described by these symbols. Our species is accelerating, evolving, to understand better this environment we are all sharing, what it is. There has for a long time been a cap on our perceptions preventing us all from seeing the other side of the cap, the higher frequencies. 

Now as the structures supporting it are decaying, the cap is being lifted. Recognition that everything is made of energy bound into form and motion - and that the form is not rigid but malleable, and that we are capable of experiencing outside of that form by vibrating faster than that form vibrates at, which occurs naturally at death and when we dream or have out-of-body-experiences, astral projection, etc. 

The surprise is that there is not only one dimension up there, heaven, white light, source, whatever it is called but there are an infinite number and what enables us to access them by observing and interacting with them is the imagination. Which immediately means that every fantasy fiction ever invented is not fake, those places are literally real places. Because outside of the grid of time-mass, of material dimension below the cap line, the physics are such that what we imagine and project into it, finds form. 

The more believers in any concept the more real it becomes, the more rigid its physics become, time structure depends on mass depends on the density created in belief in that universe. Historically we tried an experiment to give people access to it and the result was they re-created exactly the same universe they already knew because it is all they could imagine. Most of them relied on more creative people to imagine it for them. 

This is what 'the war for our minds' is all about - programming people to imagine en masse a particular dimension so that it can be exploited by those who know how. Another similar experiment caused tragedy because the bastards seized control and enslaved everyone by putting their grid onto everyone. This is a time when we are discovering ways to sustain our own individual manifestation. A time where the people preparing the next generations to experience even more of a break-down of the conventional physics which hold the grids into place. Effectively the dreamworlds and the world of mass-time are merging, converging. Those returning toward higher frequency ('the light') are flowing magnetically toward it, leaving behind the density. Everyone finding their own spectrums, their own balance, entering their own dreaming. 

It is coming to a time where we will be able to hop through into dimensions which a few, visionaries, creatives, imaginators, magi, can see approaching - even while in the physical domain of mass-time. We are entering what the mayans call the 5th Age but most of what I have described here is what the mayans call the 6th Age. 5th age is that of urban co-habitation, the ways of the people, everyone learning to live together sustainably. 6th age is when the veil lifts entirely and we can all stop hiding our true souls in human bodies because - Morpheus describes it in the Matrix "what you look like (in reality) is residual self identity (of what you looked like in the matrix)" - we will stop having to wear human form and will wear our own true nature, openly. 

So many people are so confused and do not even know their own true nature anyway. The first lesson of human co-existence, of the 5th age is that to survive it, we have to explore the contrasts between compromise, conformity, community and fuckthatshit I am unique individual who needs to fly. 6th age is when we fly. As a species we are evolving slowly, moving at the same speed as the slowest moving member. 

Transmigration of the soul and re-awakening of past-life self into one continuity is a part of waking up to what we really are, what the soul really is. Time dissolves and perception, eventually will be able to handle time dissolving, the grid loosing grip, as much as letting go of the body.  

"No form of energy ceases - it transmutes"

There will come a time when we will be able to hop between different bodies and forms of physical life, time-mass, will emerge which can host such souls. A lot of them already exist. A part of the cap is that it causes us to experience time as a linear event flowing in only one direction. Another is that our body is bound by gravity, by mass. The evolution is the shift up toward a higher state where the rules of physics are very different from what we have become used to for thousands of years. It has been a gestation phase in our development. 

When we see events in the world around us - our emotional and mental attachment to them binds us to their flow instead of to our own spark - energetic attachment to density placed in time. Detachment from all that causes us to see more purely what is happening. When we are free of the distraction of daily needs and the needs of the aging ailing body, Newtons Law of Thermodynamics no longer an issue for us on the other side of the cap. We will exist at a higher harmonic, the other side of the speed of light where our thoughts, emotions, instincts, will be the conduit for travel and manifesting experiences, we will no longer be bound into this physical world which is described as Purgatory. We are infinity and no form of energy can exist in any single state infinitely, if it does so it drops away from us so fast that it falls backward into time and becomes irrelevant. The more we let go of and flow only in our own sustainability, the more rapidly we accelerate. 

This lesson has been revealed to us ever since we swam up from the bottom of the oceans in an ecstasy of decreasing pressure and broke through the reflective water surface into the skies to see the stars. The configuration is shifting because the reflection is no longer distorted by distraction and confusion, by sansara and conditioning. Our species is getting its mind straight by setting aside mind and flowing with intuition, doing the right thing. 

We are generations away yet, a whole Age of learning to balance in relation with others, the 5th age is reflecting back at us as we enter it. Those stars though - they are breaking through to guide us on faster streams of light than we previously thought possible. Of course because belief is a factor of manifestation - be careful whose belief's you choose to follow. Only your instinct, intuition, is the real truth to guide. 

People who do not believe we are immortals incarnate, who do not believe the veil is lifting because of galactic alignment - they are going to go to wherever best suits their next step in the journey the same as for all of us, they will repeat it again until all of this makes more sense to them. If their density is such that they are holding the flyers and dreamers back, they will drop away into insignificance, into the past as their weight cannot sustain existing at such high velocity. When we let go of material bonds we are floating in a center from which we project reflections of our own souls design. Seeking its balance and radiating. Materialism is mass-time. When we let go of the bonds of time - we can go anywhere. 

The Heart is the center of our Being.

"The Center of Centers is Everywhere;
The Circumference is Nowhere.
All things were, are and shall be:
Of One, Through One and To One."
-Jakob Boehme

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