Friday, 9 November 2012

Centering the Heart

Your Heart is the center. It glows like a light (or is a black hole). Around it is a perimeter measuring from genitals to head, both of which are the same distance from your heart.

When this perimeter is 'out of whack' (disfunctioning), t
he brain and the genitals are out of whack. Brain and genitals are both electrical, are both part of the same electronic circuit called the nervous system. One can be programmed from the other.

It is the brain releases hormone chemicals such as endorphine, melotonine, seretonine, oestrogen, dmt, that affect the whole metabolism. The genitals are designed as a manual override for this. The incentive to balance ourselves and each other is pleasure.

When you look at how out of whack most peoples minds are, and how devestated human communities have been because of this; when you know the history of repression of pleasure after catholic control memes into what is now post-victorian culture but still suffers many victorian values; we can identify a simple remedy for the worlds ill to be an increase in the amount of adult pleasure.

Understanding this necessarily leads to liberation from self slavery and slavery of others. It is the repression that is the problem and it has affected the levels of mental awareness we deal with when manifesting normal social conventions and lifestyles. It is pretty obvious what we have to do to kickstart the heart at the center of our being back into a functional mode of being.
Jared Diamond, the Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee, reveals after a study into primates that humans have the largest genitals relative to our body size than any other primate.

He concludes that we are designed for pleasure and that this has a
direct consequence on human evolutionary development. That we are the only species that uses tools and adapts our environment to suit our desires, is a result of the mental stimulation by massage of nervous system.

He also discusses that we are the only species that builds weapons and wars. Evidently this aspect of human nature relates to the disfunction of a loving heart and balanced mental system. War is aberration.

The study of primate groups revealed that simians are naturally bisexual and promiscuous.  

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