Tuesday, 13 November 2012

yet more police harassment...

"changed direction in street" because I was returning to the house to collect my phone which I had forgot. I hadn't even seen the cop car, I wasn't watching the traffic as I didn't need to cross the road. 

I am filing this under Ormus Experiment (which I have been doing) 
on the basis of the video I watched this morning; 

  and that the effects of Ormus are to manifest
symptoms of mental delusions 
(anything other than no-mind is sansara, the confused/conditioned state).

The local cops are nice here, they actually provide a receipt when they stop&search you (always ask for one). When I was living in the city I was stop&searched regularly and no police carry the receipts there, you have to go to the station only to be told the relevant officer is unavailable.
NB: top right corner of docket;
no reference number makes it much more difficult for me to chase this up if ever I should need to.

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