Tuesday, 6 November 2012

stop believing and see

I was trained in deconditioning, for a purpose of cleaning up society of its madness, wherever I am able. A side effect of this is that I question, is there such thing as ego? is there such thing as needing to heal? Once you strip perceptions and awareness right back to the primal; all the positive memes are as questionable as the negative memes. We seem to take so seriously the belief in 'needing to heal = improving ourselves'. This current psychological context perpetuated at this time, is comparable to the similar concepts released through, for examples, both christian morality system and that of buddhist philosophy. There is an inherent dogma in all of these cultural foci that 'we are wrong and therefore must strive for betterment'. The problem being regarded as negative aspects of human character. 

Once you stop believing in karma, there is no such physics. Once you stop believing in god, there is no such overseer. The cause and effect of the world at that point is not the same links as are made within the theisms. Science if you credit that at all has shown that synaptic links in the brain, develop following lines of thought. We are hardwired in the pattern of our beliefs. Science also has shown us that reality mirrors to us whatever is within; our preconceptions, subconscious, program experiences. In this is an overlap where our beliefs affect other people around us who are caught up in the manifestation.

Question all all of this!

Return to primal state (non-judgement, observation, non-conceptual dogma) and then we recognise that while there is an underlaying law to the jungle of life, community, society; that it is NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!! Progressive developments of social structure are engineered. Spiritualisation is engineered as a social control system. These are delusion we get caught up in that remove us from pure primal perceptions. 

Who has the power? 
 Who has the power to do this?

The conclusion I have come to watching by social movements for improvements and researching history to see that it is a long continuity of social movements for improvemens, leading us always back to the same point that has not been resolved in mainstream consciousness: most of our time is spent in a state of delusion carried away on the mental delusions, chasing this or that or them, trying to find a balance, an equilibrium that never comes. It only comes when you chop your head off and stop using the mind altogether.

And that is NEVER going to end unless we change the nature of humans by - altering the dna or reprogramming everyone with the shockwave or a forced and pre-planned global 48 hour chill-out meditation session curfew. And humans would be a different thing then to what humans are; it makes as big a difference to humanity species as did the mastery of harnessing fire. We are still at that stage, within that window. 

Human evolution goes: pre-fire phase, have fire phase, mindless phase. We haven't achieved mindless phase yet. Some say that as soon as we do, we will be invaded. Others say that our reliance on Mind IS the invasion.

There are 3 stages to Human history.

1: before we were invaded by extra-dimensional entities. Before we harnessed fire. Before we were capable of abstract thought.

2: after (the above).
"They gave us their mind" -Don Matos to Don Juan.
Ever since that time we have been confused, removed from primal animal nature, dealing with complexity of not being balanced life-forms. It has led to progress and development which is necessary. But we are no better off in terms of happiness and sorrow than we were before. The distraction to avoid achieving (step 3) is what generates (step 2). This is where we are now in history.

3: After we disassociate from Mind successfully to return to primal state having integrated the wisdom of (above). This perception is known as Zen No-Mind, is known as Pure Gaze. It is the removal of a filter system of concepts and contexts, associations an logo's, from preconceptions. In short, it is 'off with the head' so that we function from heart, the center of being, rather than the polarities of genitals (1) or Mind (2).

Humanity has not yet achieved stage 3.

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