Friday, 11 January 2013



A novel way to change your life and the system, Lawfully. 
Power to the People! 

To the Home Office, Britain, 

It is my duty to inform you of the following; 

Given the corruption involved within the methods of a private corporation named ATOS hired by some facet of the Department of Work and Pensions bureaucracy, I am now formerly and For The Record withdrawing all and any membership of the British State, and that in doing so I waive all benefits. 

I understand that this means I will no longer be governed by Parliament legislation. 

A National Insurance Number [xxxxxxxx] is now for all extent and purpose Null and Void, to be regarded from this time for ever onward as a deceased legal person. 

Also, that I understand and intend to uphold and promote the Common Law of my Ancestors, summarized in laymans terms as; 
“Harm ye none, Trick ye none, Steal ye None, Keep the Peace.” 

Furthermore, I intend to make an honest, lawful living by becoming an independent hemp farmer, doing so within the Lawful Right protected me by respective Oaths of Constable, Judge and Monarch, to ‘Protect the People’ of whom I am one and to ‘Uphold the Law of God’. 

This Inalienable Right founded upon Genesis 1:29, the word of God explicitly expressing His Divine Will that He “give mankind all plants to use.” 

It is with some regret that I, as have so many other honest citizens, been deprived the legal privilege to claim statutory benefits due to sickness and ill health, having been examined and regarded as ‘unfit to work’ by professional doctors and psychiatric experts; and then deprived this right following bogus interviews from ATOS who do not recognize the real world in their assessments for eligibility to these very same benefits. 

Please feel free to call by for a social visit to the above recognized postal address at any mutually convenient time, understanding of the Common Law. 

Yours faithfully, [name: of the family name, as commonly called] 

All Rights Reserved

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