Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Vibrational Harmonics

There is a very simple awareness learned from observation, and that is; everything we do taints our products with our essence; it is not the material product but the essence of our soul that is embedded in it, woven into it, that gives the thing its feel. A man who makes a painting and writes a book, both the painting and the book contain that mans essence, and anyone who involves themself with the painting or the book, is dealing with metaphors symbolised in material products, made of matter bound into form, but the energy they are partaking is the essence of that soul. Eventually material things decay to soil where they replenish new material things. The soul essence is the other part of any thing. This is a basis for many sorceries, the ancient spirituality talks about it.

I saw that if I eat food from the supermarket tesco, a chainstore founded by tessa husband (tes co) then i feel her emotions and think her thought patterns. If i eat the same food from aldi then i feel and think like whoever founded aldi. the trader flavours the wares (ware = wear, the item wears the souls essence). If two people make the same food, from the same recipe, with the same ingredients, from the same source; the two meals will taste different because they have different essence from the maker. Food made by the machines tastes soulless and does not fill us as much as food made by people. Loving cooks make higher grade food than cooks who hate. If a person is bored when they cook, the food makes the people who eat it become bored. If two artists paint the same scene, they will do so with different styles. All of this is quite natural and organic and it is how the world is meant to be. 

Humans have forgotten to be openly aware about these things. It is actually very important to us all to be aware of the sustenance we imbibe, of the items we handle, of the places we attend, with what ministries we do deals. The evolved and developed form of an organisation generations later is still founded on that basic original simple essence of its creator; its Principal. It is a process of distillation. It is believed by some that from this awareness we can extrapolate the nature of God. Why humans are complicated is because they are sourced from multiple Gods.

Combined with this is the alchemical belief in Transmutation; 'from base (metal) into gold' which is the process to develop the material at hand into something far more spiritual and uplifting. Various stages of development or phases on this journey are recognized.

A third and associated belief is that the original Source is the totality of Purity and that something so perfect must exist permanently and therefore that it is permanently accessible from any place and time. That it flows through all things although not all things are attuned to resonate with it.

pics from: Leto IIArtists Gallery Naga jabba

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