Thursday, 4 September 2014

war on bullies

It was not only me that the person was abusing; it was their professional position of authority. Their abuse of me is evidence of it. So I took it through formal complaints procedure. I was faced with a face-to-face with the abuser; a face-off. In Wales that is how complaints procedures are dealt with by the state funded corporate groups.

This scenario plays on the emotional levers. Do I want to take the matter further and cause somebody to lose their job, and from that reputation, to never get employment in the field for which the person has lifelong training and experience? Or should I forgive a person who has abused me and their position in society. Could I forgive myself if they did it again to someone else? Manipulation strategies are mental abuse predominantly and emotional abuse secondarily.

This is the hoped for, beneficial outcome in the long term: it is NOT about vendetta and vengeance. It is about a big fat warning going out into the world that it is wrong to abuse because the victims retaliate in a far worse way than the tiny little bit of immediate gratification the abuser feels from being abusive. Somebody better at the job will fill the role, giving a younger person the chance to enter what is quite a lucrative field.

The situation I am in has raised ethical and logical topics of debate, chief of which is the Human Right to use modern technology to record such meetings, and create factual evidence that a thing was or was not said by a person at a certain time. The abusers main strategy is denial and to attack the victim, by putting words in their mouth and denying they said things which they did say.

This link is about audio recordings in the uk with regard corporate meetings:

"If an employee has a physical or mental impairment that makes taking their own notes difficult or impossible then allowing them to take an audio recording of the meeting may be an option, if there is no other reasonable alternative."

Mental Impairment can be induced by techniques of interrupting and over-talking a person so as to disable their focused response. It can be induced by the illegal interrogation technique of two people bombarding the victim with questions and not permitting them time to reply, temporarily destabilizing their mind and putting them into a state of impaired mental functioning.

If you have never witnessed or experienced this you have lived a blessed life and you would be astonished how quickly and how easily it is to achieve this result. I am writing this here to make people aware that it exists and is real. I DO NOT encourage people to do it; it is abuse, and the long-term effects of having been temporarily mentally destabilized are equivalent to the long-term effects of short-term physical shock.

This is the type of thing that Wales is full of, and I most frequently encounter it in unrecorded closed meetings with state funded departments and corporate bodies, half of the time I have any dealing with them. Please accept that I do not believe myself to be sexist; it does appear to be a part of female culture a lot more than it is a part of male culture. I am raising this observation for debate, in light of communication being necessary to create a balanced, equitable community.

I advocate use of audio recording technology in meetings. If you phone a corporate number, you are told that 'calls are recorded for training and legal purposes'. If you walk down an urban street, a Closed (not Open access) circuit tv camera records you. It is a standard practice in today's world.

The only times I have ever had any involvement with cctv has been to defend myself on multiple and unrelated occasions, against accusations made about me by police officers, who immediately drop the case as soon as I requested that the cctv footage be used to back me up and prove their allegations to be knowingly false.

On the basis of this, I sincerely believe that audio and visual recordings are a first line defense against corrupt, manipulative and abusive behavior: which state funded bodies are known for. I am living my life in such a way as to endorse the creation of a wholesome and honorable community.

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