Thursday, 30 July 2015



by SnakeAppleTree

Lesson One: Straight Form and Serpent Form

The Straight Form

Bullet-point simplicity.
Do not use adjectives.
Tell it as it is.

Serpent Form

"In this, Humanity."

Adjective the adjective’s adjective.
The adjective becomes a verb / becomes an noun.

Prosaic and poetic, gloriously elucidating upon the creative merit of nonsaic language.

A butterfly. A beautiful butterfly. A butterfly with wings radiant as the morning star’s first blessed rays. A solar butterfly. This is where it gets good, and personal. An “adjective” morning sun winged butterfly’. Use any of the following adjectives for the last description or invent your own;

carcass. ghost. spirit. miraculous. living. sentient. first. unusual. unique.

Monitor your thought-processes during your development and practice of this system. Synapses grow where thoughts flow; toward mutability.

Lesson Two: Explore Taboo

Permission to copy and share in part or entirety only with accreditation:
copyright 2015 snakeappletree

Here is Part Two:  Show, Don't Tell

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