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The Electro Magnetic Pulse weapon took out every electronic system on the planet. We knew that all of the officially existing organisations which could have done it were mere puppets for the organisation which did it. Every nation has star wars weapons targeting the planetary surface. In retrospect it was not a very long time before the effects wore off. A lot happened during that time. It was a long six months and nothing was ever the same again.

The national grids went down. Cellphones stopped working. The internet ceased to exist, all the computers were wiped. The banking records and all other digital systems were wiped clean of their operating systems. Cars and planes stopped working. Submarines sank.

The planet went into regional control. For the consumer nations the first and biggest problem was the food shortages followed rapidly with riots. The militaries rounded everybody they could up into concentration camps where at least bland gruel fed the body and effectively cold turkey’d everyone. The gruel was mixed with chemicals to subdue natural aggression. Once in the camps nobody was permitted out unless with work permit and under guard. There were two forms of work permit; food plantations and the raids.

The raids were retrieval and stockpiling of all collateral from old infrastructure, the houses. We were not permitted to call them homes because that word has to many emotional connotations. Following the restoration the survivors of the concentration camps would be allocated new dwellings in accordance with the New Model Society. The period of the interim is intended to be done with as soon as possible. Six months of no electric stretched into three years of the Interim.

The same thing was happening all over the world. The survival protocol was enacted by every community. Those who did not retreat to the camps were regarded as bandits and exterminated for degeneracy, this included all those whose communities had survived starvation, riots, and oppression from the new government.

The result was the death of both democracy and capitalism. The New Model Society is based around resource allocation. Technologically it has regressed although we are not permitted to use that language. It is taught that the deviation has been corrected. Exploitation of natural resources to create pollution and uncontrollable communications enabled terrorist groups to destabilise all human society. The good which has come from the EMP and the Protocol is to have created an equitable society where we are living more harmoniously with the natural world. We do not need television and mobile internet. We need fresh healthy food which we are all self-responsible for cultivating.

Humanity had been struck back to stone age basics on a global scale and in most places, hunter-gathering is insufficient to provide sufficient resources for the survivors. People hated the control but realised quickly that to go against it would be death. The re-establishment of society required everybody to do accept the Conformity. Together we are stronger. Austerity brought a singularity of focus whereas the old capitalist empire of everybody for themselves had brought nothing but suffering and greed.

The children were educated in accordance with the Syllabus teaching them wha they had to do, to expand and build on the foundations of the new infrastructure. Teams stockpiled old world junk in warehouses. With nobody living in the old buildings, whole cities were left to rot. The new architecture is brilliant. It is designed as open-space with all necessary commodities available for all. Recreation, Education, and Arts with specialist Educational facilities. A Guild system with merits and mentorship to teach traditional crafts, how to process things we have grown into things we need, tools from nature. Electricity is discriminated against as one of the dirty evils of the destructive Old World.

There is no religion other than Earthism. We are earthlings because we are of the earth as are our food, our fabrics, our tools.

The short movie is presented non-linear with super-imposition of scenes of the past such as child slave labor in factories constructing computers for foreign markets, the stock exchange based on international economies steered by warmongers controlled by banking cartels, bombing of innocent foreigners in retaliation for false flag attacks, countless consumers burning up resources and polluting the ecology simply to distract themselves from the hardships of being debt slaves dedicating their lives to the fiction of money, usury and debt.

Scenes of the future where ecological sustainable communities work together, as did the communities of monasteries during medieval era. as do communities of Amish who do not rely on technology beyond hand-craft. Farming the land for food and producing surplus enough to trade with neighbours whose crops are different from ours. Non-ownership of properties and respect for skills, the availability of resources necessary to develop those skills. Musicians more highly regarded than scientists.

And the concentration camps of the period during the interim. Payment of extra food to those who work with the protocol to do what the soldiers command, the census and collections. Sealing the useless goods of a dead culture into the archival warehouses and re-allocating useful goods toward the program. Following which, construction work of eco-communities. Building a better living space where the natural world is integrated into daily life. Fewer, simpler laws including the death penalty for those who break the Conformity.

It is hard for the first generation living through the transition. The second generation growing up in the New Model Society are filled with excitement and anticipation with what is being achieved. Within three generations it has stabilised. Very little of the past remains other than a few sites, the bad places where are stored toxic artefacts of the old ways which were dangerous. By now hand-craft is revered and accepted as normal all across the world. By now the forests and meadows are establishing themselves, rivers and oceans are replenishing themselves so that there will be plenty again by the time the pollution has reduced sufficient to begin hunter-gathering rather than farming.

We see the pine soap factory from the forestry plantation and herbalism being taught to classes so they will know how to extract useful compounds from nature, working directly with the hospices. We see witches executed for using non-organic ancient metal in their rituals. We see rural diversification and teaching of the basic global communication languages of the mono-cultural imprint which everybody needs to know. We see ships built of wood taking trade over the waters to distant lands who produce different artefacts and plants but speak the same trade language.

Other laws such as that forbidding breeding with somebody of your own ethnic background create a society where travel is necessary. The easy provision of all basic necessities because of the structure of the new model society means that nobody need raid the peaceful villages. And yet there are outsiders, those who travel to see the world as it changes, to learn for themselves. Gradually the ranger caste are integrated into the protectorate caste, because to break the Conformity is the death penalty and so they have to. Such travel becomes a rite of passage and is no more or less safe for the individuals than it ever was.

Occasionally villagers report seeing the flying metal orbs taking stock of the human herd which lives openly on the surface. It is assumed they are a remnant of the old world and its corporate elite. Nobody in living memory can remember the transition period and in time even the archeological evidence that it ever happened at all, fade away.

You are reading this as words on a page. Perhaps some day people will be watching it as pictures on a screen. The time it has taken you to do this, you could have been planting food crops in any available patch of land. Because when the EMP occurs and all electronics are disabled, there will be no food available to you from supermarkets. There will be no cellphones, vehicles, governmental aid. There will be riots. Money will become obsolete and useless. There will be lawlessness because the military and police, the armed forces, will be protecting their own individual interests and certainly will regard you as another useless eater and a threat before they will help you. You primary function will be starvation based animal instinct to find something to eat. You will be hunted unless you join the concentration camps as people are rounded up to be given gruel and set to work on re-building a new society which does not rely on electricity.

We already have these EMP devices mounted into satellites orbiting the world. This part of the story is no fiction. That you will starve if you do not grow your own food crops is also no fiction. This is the harsh reality which should steer your focus and activities toward Survival. Because on this planet, throughout Human evolution, survival has always been the goal of life. Eating food which you can easily plant yourself is a major component of that. 

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