Monday, 6 June 2016

The Hate And The Hope

In 2010 under a coalition government and influenced by a hate campaign which included somebody hacking my own and my friends accounts, which the police had told me they would do nothing about, I posted onto the wall of my old Facebook account;

"We live in a society where it costs £1000 to get a court injunction to protect somebody, which is a signed piece of paper, yet it costs only £50 to have somebody kneecapped. This comparison reveals how priorities and the legal fiction of money are arranged to control society so that it is cheaper and more practical to do the wrong thing than it is to do the right thing. The Peace industry is non-profit whereas the Hate industry is profitable and employs a great number of people. This is a reality of our society."

I always remember the sage advice of the Crow medicine healer Estcheemah:
"90% of the time, 90% of the people co-exist peacefully, whatever sort of police system."

The next day I was visited by the police because the person who had been perpetrating the Hate campaign, who I had blocked from my fb account, had hacked it and read the post and told the police it was a direct threat against him. He also changed my password.

The police took the post seriously sufficient to warn me not to kneecap him. I had no intention of doing so and when they presented a print-out of my facebook profile as 'evidence' it was clearly obvious that they had misread my clearly stated intent and were protecting the person who I had previously showed them evidence that he was out to get me.

On that occasion the Police told me that as far as the police are concerned, there is zero privacy on the internet - Private Messages are publicly visible and passwords are irrelevant. They advised me to a) stop using the internet, and b) stop using Facebook. Given that Facebook is now the internet's major marketing platform and I am starting a small business, I actually have to use Facebook in a professional capacity.

The criminal was later thrown off his university degree course for mis-use of the uni computers to facilitate his hate campaign, which is not a situation I was in a position to make any decisions about as I was third party to the University being informed, I did not do so directly myself. The University computer security guy who happens also to be the south Wales computer crime expert for the Police, contacted me about the matter, not the other way around.

The sad thing is that Hate got in the way of today's situation, where: he would now have his coding degree and I am in a situation to start hiring coders to get my company launched. He is a relative on my son's mothers side of the family. Instead, I am having to learn the relevant coding myself which slows progress of my productivity, and to scrape together the money to hire an unknown coder, anyone who can and will do the job. What could have been a family business has turned into a something else simply because of Hate. On and for the record, I do not hate any of them, I never did. You can see where my focus is - family and business.

But why do they Hate? I still do not know. The animosity between my sons mother and her family is something I got caught up in while she was pregnant. All I know is that I was told half-truths and I expect they were too. In her own words "Got keep them fighting each other or they will unite against you." Sadly that is both paranoid and an accurate analysis of society. If everybody united to do their part, we could all be making a lot of money together and functioning as a family. They have made it plainly clear that I am unwelcome although they do accept my son as one of their own.

Police: “Why don't you like him?”
Grandad: “We don’t know him.”
Police: “Why won’t you get to know him?”
Grandad: “We don’t like him.”

As a martial artist I follow the Kung-Fu philosophy of using an opponents own energy against them. I do not need to hate because that will only feed the hate. I simply need to re-direct it so that it feeds upon itself until, consumed, it is gone. Only then can people become Human.

We are now 6 years after the event. We are under a different government for whatever that is worth. Theoretically it would have a consequence on the attitudes of the Police given that they enforce government statutes. This post is not any attempt to stir things up. It is a question as to how different the world is after the heartbeat of time which is six years, to my son is the whole of his incarnation, his whole life and the world he is growing up in. 

I am a trained martial artist but I am also a pacifist. I teach, the very first rule, which my own grandfather who was a championship Boxer taught me; (and he always said he would outlive Mohamed Ali, who passed this week, the legend says that Ali's heart was still beating thirty minutes after all his other vital signs were pronounced dead).

                                                   "Never start a fight. Always finish it." Jim son of Jack

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