Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Gift of the Void

The Gift of the Void

If you tried explaining to an educated medieval scholar about hard science of the 20th century, they would happen to be a christian monk because they were the educated people during that era, and they would mis-interpret what you were explaining to them as satanism. The evidence of this is when the first vacuum chamber was created in Magdeburg Germany and the scientists working on it were accused of satanism because they had created something which the monks mis-interpreted as ‘the devil’s work’ because it contained, to use the terminology of the day, ‘a godless void’. Now that the scientific paradigm is better accepted and understood, religiously dogmatic people no longer go around persecuting scientists - or so you prefer to believe.

This millennia Dr Emoto did a lot of scientific studies and experiments into the way plants use their energy fields to communicate even at a distance, also that they have memories of individual humans who pass through those energy fields. Conclusive, materialist proof that plants are telepathic. A human neural system is much more advanced than that of a plant. Kirlian photography is evidence that life forms including humans do emit an electromagnetic field called the Aura which is electronically measurably variant depending on emotion. This is now hard science and yet many people still have a lot of trouble believing that it is real.

My IQ is high, Mensa rate me as a genius. My genius is not mathematical (right-brained) like was Einstein. I am a creative polymath which means I am a genius in several fields of creative (left brained) thinking. This is unusual in a society where the education system indoctrinates people not to use their left brains for thinking process; and from my experiences i can assert that many people actively persecute those who do.

I was scientifically trained and during my twenties I did many experiments involving energy transition and waveforms, resonant frequencies and such abilities. I proved through the series of experiments certain features about reality we all cohabit. However, I am unwilling to train people in this because the majority of people are akin to medieval monks persecuting those who actually recognise the reality of this stuff. Thus, my teachings are occult despite being wholly scientific. Some, a minority of people, can and do readily accept what I am talking about, many are already on the level of perception and cognition required to experience this as real events.

Many are not. It is statistical fact that half the population of the planet have less than average IQ and simply are incapable of re-assessing their own version of reality to integrate what they have been taught is fantasy. This is  mental health condition called cognitive dissonance, and disbelief syndrome, wherein even despite scientific evidence proving the reality of a thing, they deny it in favour of the fantasy. Discussing these topics has brought a lot of problems into my life. The greatest sorrow of my life is that were people to accept this model of science and the technologies and abilities it enables; we would have a much more wonderful life experience.

I have no intention of being burnt at the stake as a witch. I will die and take this education with me, but for a handful of individuals whom I have taught a basic overview and a few steps of the model to, in the hope they can cope with it. All of them require further training before they will be able to encompass the whole model as a lived reality. I do not believe that what I am doing is starting a cult. I believe that I am a hard science based experimenter who has discovered through experiments certain features of reality which most people simply do not acknowledge through lack of educational training and focus.

This statement says nothing in a lot of words. I did at one time make copious notes about some of my experiments however those notebooks were stolen from my residence at the time. I do not believe I am being egotistical in making this statement; simply justifying that the wealth of information which would have benefitted humanity, is consigned to the void simply because mainstream society is abusive toward it. I do not believe that humanity is any better today than it was during medieval era, indeed this evolutionary stalemate establishes that we are still technically within the dark ages despite a minority having benefited from the industrial revolution.

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