Tuesday, 7 June 2016

sniff on the wind

"How do pronounce 'Tao' ?" 
"Oh that's easy, it is pronounced 'doe'."
"How do you pronounce Tantra?"
"Well, that's called Tantra."
"Are you sure? What is a Tan Tien point?"
"Acupressure points. But that is pronounced 'Dan Tee en'."
"So you agree that Tantra can be pronounced as Dan Tey Ra?"
"I suppose it could."
"Because Ra being the Source is the life force energy flowing through the body and emanating from the relative acupressure points."
"Yes that makes a lot of sense."
"Have you ever heard of an Egyptian town called Dan De Ra?"
"Dendera? I think I heard of that place."
"Another name for it is Tentyra. There is a temple complex there."
"I see now, all these words are variations of the same theme. Linking concepts to places."
"Exactly! And all of them are talking about how life force energy flows through the body, in this case through the body of the planet at certain places, to connect with the solar divinity."
"This is religious surely."
"No, this is a science. The energy radiated by the human organism is measurable with electronic equipment. The background energy radiating from places is measurable with electronic equipment. It is not yet widespread knowledge in our culture and a lot of very cynical people simply cannot believe it and are actively trying to suppress such awareness."
"Why would they do that?"
"They try to destroy that which they can not control nor understand. This is why the teachings involved with these knowledge's are secret, passed on to certain members of a society without them being widely advertised. Because not everybody is ready for it."
"That actually justifies why there need to be secret societies operating in mainstream culture."
"Exactly. Except that by the time the secret society becomes an organized structure, the original intention is generally lost and the structure is taken over by all those who want to exploit the power base and who do not care at all about the development of perceptions and skills involved. This is why teachers move on - because they are the first to be executed by the new regime operating through the perceived power base. Sadly, history is full of such examples."
"But we did once build great temples to teach everybody about this stuff, quite openly."
"Yes. We are still living in the dark ages."
"Not everybody."

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