Thursday, 3 August 2017


"If and when you feel rage, if you would only give yourself some time, some spiritual food, if you will do that for yourself, if you will abridge your rage with that spiritual food, eventually everything will calm down and will be fine. You will be able to move ahead and that time of rage will be over. The idea of forgiveness. Womens rage often comes from their family of origin situation, sometimes it comes from adult trauma too, that is less common. For instance a woman who has had a mate who has been tremendously abusive. That is less common because usually people who have not abused as children will not stay for a minute with a mate who abuses them. So the adult trauma is less common. Regardless of where the trauma ocurs, something has to happen, to recognise, it, to bless it, to contain it and to leave it."  Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With The Wolves

Blame Shifting.
Often the ones perusading you to leave the perceived abuser (the target), are abusers who do not want to let you go (the cult, who extrapolate your energy). Often the target is a liberator who the peer group resent.

She doesn't know what to do. So she will do whatever the next person she speaks with who she trusts tells her to do. That is how she is. Manipulable. So, I told her to ignore everyone else and trust her own intuition. Everybody else in her life is giving her various versions of ignore me and avoid me. Because I am a threat to their control over her. They are all caught in energy games. As an outsider-observer I can see this clearly for what it is. Because she is coming from a culture of control-games, that is normal to her, she will entangle me in them too if she has a chance to. I prefer to keep my life clean. I trust my own intuition. It helps more than other peoples advice ever does.

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