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contemplate these phonemes
lineage as metric


"words resulting in a temporary feeling controlling belief and action"

In ancient Assyria the word for this was En (source), applied to a boss who instructed others.

(to program a “the/thoth/thought/taught/knowledge/meme” at/toward) hence ‘enter’ (into).

The recipient was called the “Me” (yes you are one of them), although we now at the 21st millennium use the word ‘meme’ in a more vague and generalised way to refer to any concept / instruction / mental programming of an idea.

“The deity Thoth instructed Humanity from one of his thousands of books of knowledge of all things.” (translated from Egyptian temple carving)

As things became more complicated we had to develop more words and versions, deviations of primitive components for concepts, to really explain with precision that which we attempt to impart. The language developed. Fluctuations of variably pronounced vowels make this major differentiation in our interpretation of Egyptian temple carvings.

The Zen philosophy of No Mind is the instruction of a method of how to function not from mental programming of concepts and ideas but simply to just be. It developed as a counter-measure to being programmed/instructed by Masters to whom we were ignorant Slaves. Neither is it the primal animal state of impulse (id & super-ego) based reactionary non-awareness (intuition with no self-awareness). Zen No-Mind IS awareness, this is a crucial item to understand. It is awareness without socio-cultural programming. At all. The levels of it range from simply not responding to whatever cult terminology is currently being used for purposes of social engineering, to liberation from all labels at all including the naming of individuals and objects. This state of perception is freedom, the word used to describe it in Buddhism is Nirvana (liberation). A person who attains this cannot be controlled and thus is a danger to the En who resides as governance of slave citizens (cited / citified / urbanized / domesticated “zens”); Z/en like striking a line through it to indicate the ascension).

After Ur (Us, we; humans. The incent is the concept ‘us who error thus seek’): Babylon City (baba-li the coming of two into one to create a new line li-ne, a  fertility culture) is famous for an event where the original Bosses and their social system fell apart because humans rebelled and created our own version of the babble in which we: 1 rebelled against their authority and created our own with Human leaders instead of Gods as the En. 2 made more complicated terminology for more abstract concepts which took us outside of the scope of the original Gods En.

Enki and Enlil which mean: Originator of Ki/Qi/Chi (dna) and deviation/mutation (Lilith, the knowledge (th) of shadow-line (lili). This means ‘that which flows/follows’ rather than ‘evil’ which is associated with shadow in modern bias. Shadow is ‘that which we cast’ as a projection toward the future (“the most beautiful light radiated from the source” is written in Hebrew as ‘Lucifer (illumination) was cast out from heaven’).

Enki and Enlil. Those were our creators / are the two necessary strands of our genetic coding (yin & yang) (light and shadow cast) (polarities within which complexity and diversity). We started evolving outside of the original pattern of being a slave species. How much of this is literal and how much is metaphor for the divergence of our genetic form? The words mean both things and it depends entirely on how we translate them as literal (li) or theme (th). Pun intended.

Here we recognize Shadow and Light as the same entity because their interchangeable nature perpetuates time-in-mass (manifestation), the phoneme ‘Ne ‘means ‘manifestation into the world’ is often used as a -suffix (as in ‘line’) although it also can be used as an affix- (as in ‘negotiate’). Vaguely it means 'path'. The alphanumeric symbol is the depiction of a straight line toward the horizon (the third mark) as seen from a mountain peak. Observe it relates to the symbol for 'Ze'.

The head of a snake and the tail which follows. The light (source) and the shadow cast (follows as manifestation).

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