Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Case Study Notes

This blog is extension of Case Study

1 discrediting their strawman

When person B redefines person A.

You are re-labelling me for the purpose of your own super-ego -controlled idiom.

So, when you look at me, you do not see me.

Instead you see your own delusion. 

It is not based on reality, of me being what I am.

Then what happens next is whenever I act in a way that does not conform to your idiom, you persuade yourself and anybody else who believes you unquestioningly, your zombies aka flying monkeys, that I am broken and 'acting uncharacteristically'.

You convince people I have gone mad or that I am up to something suspicious.

All because you have no real interest in having a genuine relationship with me and getting to know who I really am.

2 officially already knowing you better than you do

How can anybody else be more of an expert on me than me?

When I am my intuition, when I am most true to myself there is no mental conditioning at all.
It is pure raw reflex from the soul.
It is not social programming.

3 confidence is self-worth they seek to destroy

Standing up for myself is not an act of rebellion.

It is a Human Right. 

4 personal detail

The State workers prejudice against me for acting on my degree level state education (in a department which the fascists have since shut down).

I was taught Creative Thinking. 

"Outside of the box" mentality and a "of monetary value" skill set.

These two things are inseparable. Part of the education is to recognize that only copyists, not originals, segregate and exclude creative being and ingenuity. That art history has showed us the most valuable works of art come from the pioneers, from the non-conformists. 

How to be a pioneer and a non-conformist is necessary to create the most valuable works of art, equally as much as developing the practical skill set of physically producing art. 

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