Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Rich Man

"Unmarried Men Are ‘A Problem’ For Society"

Out of touch with reality Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith

South Wales there are two types of women.

Women who react to the word 'marriage' the same way they react to the slime beast oozing into the room. They back off and disappear.

Women who hate men because no man has voluntarily asked them for marriage.

There are two sub-types of these:

First, most common, are stage three Disney Princess Syndrome, when the cartoon expectation bubble has burst and their man-hate prevents them from going out and getting laid, which they need.

Second, sexually experienced women who can get sex at the drop of a skirt and to whom men are an object like a dildo, a wallet, a taxi, perhaps even social positioning. Do not be mistaken that they regard men as human beings. These women were raised into disposable consumerism and that's what men are. This subgroup crosses both original categories to also include the 'marriage=slimebeast' type.

Both these types of women make an exception to one thing:
Rich Man.

To all other men which is literally 99% of men, it triggers 2 warning bells.

Warning bell 1: she wants to marry my money, not me.The 'it is vampire' bell.

Warning bell 2: being secondary to a fictional entity and being secondary to that rich bastard means she is so far up herself she can not even see it. She is going to sleep around behind his back anyway. The 'it is crazy' bell.

Of these 99% of men there are perhaps even as much as half, who decide that being secondary to a fictional entity is worth the pursuit if it means mommy-figure-and-sex.

That 1% rich guy, he don't care. He can afford to throw money at her in exchange for sexetera. He is sleeping around behind her back too because he won't lose her if he gets caught and if he does, so what he can afford to.

The thing about marriage, it gets in the way of the quality part of a relationship because you do not need to be married to have a quality relationship.

Then you get the guys who can see all of the above and decide that playing the game of getting money to get a girl is stupid waste of time. These guys are now called MGTOW because men are redefining the rules of the game vs femdom - at last. Previously these guys were simply lame, or misogynists, or any other insult women could think of.

These type of men can clearly see the big difference between sexetera and marriage. In the old days these were called 'the real men'. When one of these guys chooses her, in the old days she knew he meant it, she was grateful for his attention and worked as hard as he did to be compatible. Those types of women are called 'real women' and although rare, those are the ones you want to marry. Reality is, most guys won't find them because most women won't be them.

So the reality is, men have got to change the system and the way society works. It is traditionally the purpose of men to do this. Women have been doing it for several generations and it has fucked everything up for everyone, yes even themselves. They have proved to be incapable of equality because as soon as they get anywhere close, they start abusing men.

MGTOW is men taking time out to assess the situation. It will be followed by MWHGIT Men Who Have Got It Together (MWGITs or simply GITs). This generation of men will collectively have a strategy, which works, to put men and women where men and women both function best in relation to each other. It recognizes that with individual responsibility comes stop-blagging-me, and with individual respectability comes stop-badgering-me (stop bitching/bullying me). SBM is the future of relationship protocols.

Sex is MUTUAL it does not mean one of us paying the other one for it. We both SHARE pleasure and if it works, if it is any good and worth doing regularly with you to the exclusion of all others, or inclusive of selected thirds, or in preference to videogameheaven, it means ignoring all the bad advice from society, your jealous sister, your controlling parents, your abusive ex-partner who probably gave you what you deserved so shut up about it, and recognize that when men are sexually active their metabolism functions a certain way, and that going against it is going against nature. It is not about sub-dom, it is about switch and mutuality. It is definitely not about brat.

In the old days the word marriage did not mean paperwork contract with the state or religion. It meant regular sex with a person so the two could explore the empowerment which good sex brings. Think about who controls that energy and what you do with it. It's YOUR energy, not the partners, not the states, and if you are mixing it with a person - this is where compatibility is important. In the old days the word sin meant living without sex.

Everything else to do with marriage is about friendship. Union, partnership, sharing resources, caring about the partner as much as you care about yourself, mutual respect, communication. Growth from stability.

What Ian Duncan Smith is talking about is that all men should be secondary to a fictional entity, which is slavery to a delusion, which is slavery full stop. Fuck that twat, why is anybody listening to him anyway? 1% Rich Man perhaps? See how that works?


If things are going that well with someone, marriage is not something to throw into the mix anyway because why risk a good thing?

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