Wednesday, 4 October 2017


"Developing 'the suspension of disbelief' as a reflex continuum became imperative, not to live out a more comfortable delusion but to decondition the perceptions from deeply entrenched 'educational' and media dogmatic version of reality conforming to the control state."

The faculty of reason, revered unquestioningly as a preferable state of functioning, does not consciously factor that by classic definition a reason is a purpose, a purpose is an agenda. Being reasonable does not mean being balanced (nor humanitarian). It means agent to an often unspecified agenda. It might be reasonable but it is not rational to disclude so many factors which affect scenarios simply because they deter from achieving an agenda. Ergo reason is irrationality.

Unlike so-called 'primitive cultures' Western cognitive perception does not educate regarding the faculties of equality, empathy and of responsibility. Westerners are discouraged from accepting how vastly different any alternative mode of cognitive development might result.

We should question, why am I being encouraged to be reasonable rather than balanced and humane? It is a basic common-sense call. Thus we can see clearly that reasonable behavior and common sense behavior are distinct and segregated into two camps.

The late 18th to early 21st centuries have been described by Western academia as 'the Age of Reason' during which the veneration not of Mind but of a specific Mind Set (a set mind, which means an unyielding, stubborn and rigid mind). From this we can identify that for more than two centuries the domination of a specific form of consciousness to the extent of repression of all other forms of consciousness has held sway throughout Western Imperialism. The consequences that it still does so today involve the denial that any other form of consciousness has merit.

In terms of anthropology this puts Western civilization at a disadvantage of comprehending motivations and understandings not only of our own ancestors and their cultures and interactions, it also induces a xenophobia toward anything not-us. For this reason, more advanced life-forms visiting from other dimensions and worlds do so discretely."

-excerpt from How Not To Be A Sheeple by snakeappletree, 
Ordo Octopia publications (currently not in print)

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