Tuesday, 6 October 2020


In my experience, state workers are irrational. 

They use language to mean something different to what most people use it to mean. 

They do not use words to mean precisely it says then to mean in the dictionary. Where they do, they rely on people mistaking between multiple definitions. 

For example, if they say they “are using reason”, what they mean is they are doing it for a reason. 

They are justifying that they are working to an agenda and explaining it to you in such a way that makes it sound reasonable, so you accept it without even questioning it. 

‘Reason’ has three meanings. 

First of all it means ‘a process of thought’.

Secondly it means ‘purpose’,  either, ‘a purpose resulting from a process of thought’ or ‘a process of thought resulting from a previously intended purpose.’ 
There is never clarification from people using the word precisely what they mean by it, only assumed clarification, their is manipulation. 

We also have to accept the dictionaries are revised periodically and the original intended meaning of words when they were invented are not necessarily what people of different eras use them to mean. 

In practical use this means it is accepted across many generations the Dictionary definition is secondary to establishing and communicating an intended purpose. 

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