Tuesday, 6 October 2020


The world is on lockdown. Our villages are on lockdown. It is a more extreme lockdown than the one earlier this year. 

One thing was proved by this: track&trace does not work. It does not prevent the spread of the virus and it’s useless at chasing up who has caught it. 

The purpose of the lockdown, social distancing and face-masks, is to minimise risk of the virus spreading. 

It appears to be spreading worse now than it was before, because people are not minimising the risk. That is why we now have more a extreme second lockdown. 

People who survived plagues in the past did so by total isolation from risk. 

I’m stuck because my sons mother is sending him to school. As we have shared residency by court order, I can’t do anything to protect us (my son or myself or her and her lodger and all our extended families and people we encounter) from minimising the risk. 

I have been called “overprotective”. I don’t believe I am overprotective, I believe I’m sensible. Why have we got social-distancing, face masks and lockdown ??? 

People ignoring all that are the problem, which is making the virus spread. 

Schools are a part of the problem because if any of us who are totally minimising risk in every other area of life do get infected, that’s where it’s going to come from. 

This is the governments strategy. 

We send our children to school as opposed to homeschooling, by choice. We literally have to sign the children over to give the school our consent for them to attend. 

The other option is to inform the education authority we are homeschooling. It is legal and in the current situation it is recommended as a safety measure. 

In 2020 and into 2021 it is the parents choice whether we increase the risk of a pandemic by sending children to school, vs homeschooling. 

In shared residency situations where the parents cannot agree, traditionally the state steps in and encourages the children to go to school. 

In light of covid-19 the state workers employed for that task (Education Authority Officers) will not step in. They are minimising their own risk. They will not even answer their phones to give advice. It’s not their fault they don’t know what to do about the pandemic. 

The obvious advice is to minimise risk and stay safe. 

Who is being responsible vs irresponsible by analysing the situation this way? 

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