Sunday, 4 October 2020

Spiritual Soap

 The demons are tricky

They integrate between human and divinity

They change words

Humans recognised we need soap to avoid plagues

Soap is made from lye

We need lye

Humans asked for much more lye 

The demons intervened

They changed the word

They told divinity: Humans need lies and soap

We have had industrial revolution

Demons are hidden nobody believes in them anymore so they are more powerful and more discrete

Soap gets rid of demons too


The price we paid is culture is full of lies

Lye and lies

The divinity gave us lies and soap 

For generations the culture has been lies instead of truth

So much that truth is rare, barely recognised. 

Those who live in truth are discriminated for being different. 

Attempting to explain this to people is difficult. 

A pandemic of cognitive dissonance, human minds deviate and fall victim to demonic persuasions. 

This is how the medieval demons take over the world - through possession of humans who no longer recognise it as a reality as was once feared in medieval times. 

The answer is soap. 

Lye is dangerous to mess with and so are lies. 

Spiritual soap that we recognise truths. 

Using industrially produced commercial soap cleanses some bacteria but not all of the demons. 

Only spiritually made soap can do that.

Soap for the spirit. 

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