Sunday, 6 December 2020

Concrete & Blue

“Why do you call me?” I asked, hiding empathic tears behind a mask of professionalism worn for her benefit to ease her into acceptance, not of me who she had already chosen to engage with but of herself who she had not yet. 

“I feel I have a hedgehog for a heart.” She stated in monotone. It might easily have been a choked voice if she had put emotion into her statement. She was not at that place. Her heart felt more like a stone to me, a nut with a hard shell. It’s seed could not break through without pain and greater effort than she alone could muster. Her voice, true voice of her heart, was dead. Her experiences had made her concrete. 

I gave her blue. She dreamed. 

“A porcupine whose spines burst open as peacock feathers, can you imagine what that would look like?” 

Unlocking the keys to genetic modification is already an existing technology. We already have bioluminescent trees and pavements in some cities. 

Within bdsm culture, once you have sifted through the available egotists and abusers to discover that rare, authentic Master, the training provided is equivalent to genetic science for the impact it can have in personal transition toward liberation, personal enlightenment and empowerment, using known methods, based on the principle of developing trust between socially kinked individuals by application of those methods. 

Yet a lot of people are afraid of it and resent it. They judge it. And yet, they know nothing about it. 

“I feel like I need the pain to get back there, to relive it, to heal it. It’s not that ‘I like pain’ so much as I feel dead without the stimulation training my nerves to wake up and feel alive. It’s what trauma conditioning does to people. That’s well documented.” 

She expressed with unusual clarity the attraction of such a lifestyle, shared her understanding of how it could help her by providing what she needs to find her way back to wholesomeness. “I can’t do it alone. I tried...” the scars, blade marks where she had inserted metaphorical hedgehog quills attempting to go deep enough into herself to fix the problem. 

It is not the physical act of torture and in extreme cases self-mutilation. The goal is to go deep enough into the soul to bring healing. One becomes symbolic for the other and therefore a gate through which to access it. Emotional and mental trauma from abuse and bereavement affecting relationships and self-harmony ability to function. 

The act is not the purpose. The act as a result of the purpose. The act of cutting a piece of wood is not the purpose. Having furniture to store things safely is the purpose. You don’t look at a person wielding a saw and label them as destructive, you label them as creative. 

That we can understand any experience a person going through as a step in the process toward a purpose. The experience is not the purpose. The consequence is the purpose.

It is this awareness which proves the difference between a master who knows what they’re doing, and an abuser exploiting novices within a culture. 

Neither is it grandiosity and egotism for the master serving the submissive. The master provides and aims to fulfil a purpose, that of healing, of harmonising and enlightening the submissive. 

This is not a simple task of kinky activities for the sake of kinky activities. Nothing is done without purpose. Every activity serves purpose. 

The observer sees only the physical, perhaps also audio and olfactory universes, and some level of empathic sympathy. The observer is a voyeur for their own sensory pleasure. Their presence if known may serve to stimulate the submissive toward a specific and pre-considered state. That is their function. 

The experience of the submissive is wholly encompassing, for it is real as a lived experience. The tastes involved invoke reaction. The nervous system reacts a determinable way, this is by intention. Hormonal release is controlled by the mistress or master. The submissive is being altered, neurologically, emotionally, psychologically. 

Our state of being is held in our body. In our stance, in our poise. Our past attachments are worn. These are massaged, counselled, through the act of bdsm experiences. 

BDSM primarily is not a physical activity. It is holistic. The trust relationship between Dominant and Submissive parties is the core principle of the bondage. The relationship in a word. 

Not Love although the development of that is a beautiful thing. It is Trust. 

For the submissive this means stepping into the unknown. Crossing the boundary to learn from experience what is on the other side. Until then the boundary is merely fiction. 

The Dom operates through whatever known means necessary to provide the service of holistic enlightenment of the sub. 



(relationship as addiction, trauma bonding, liberation)


(of others and self-discipline for all parties)

Domination and Submission 

(realms of consent, brats, slavery)

Sadism and Masochism

(providing a service through means known to work vs enjoyment of suffering) 

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