Friday, 19 June 2015


Do you believe in god?

I know that for social and ego reasons you might feel obliged to answer one way or another, I am not talking about that. I am not talking about religion or the prophets or books written by people, I am talking about something much more basic and immediate than that.

In your heart, do you believe in god.
You should be able to know directly yes or no, because you know, if you are an honest person, honest with yourself. And honesty has nothing to do with god and prophets and religions, most of the time.

The reason why I ask this is simple and can be expressed in two words:

God decides.

In arabic it is one word, inshallah or enshallah if you believe there are more than one god, it means '(it is) the will of god/s'.

Whether you believe in god or not, if you that believe humans decide by arguing amongst ourselves or figuring it out, the situation is that whether we drop the subject now or stay up late every night for weeks debating it, ultimately we have no say over the matter anyway, because; either, god decides regardless of whatever we do so there is no point in debating, we would be better off listening to the natural harmony of the world than to each others futile opinions, otherwise if there is no god then it is all a matter of individual personal opinion - in which case: stop trying to persaude and dominate each other because if there is no god then why do you treat others or allow yourselves to be treated as if some humans are gods while others are not? Do you accept slavery to anything other than divinity?  Do you believe that a 'self labelled as divine' (or commonly persuaded to) social structure and its agents get in the way of or enhance your direct relationship with your god?

If you cannot answer these questions directly them you do need to take time out to contemplate your own integrity before you start mouthing off about whatever confusion is so important to you today.

Which leads us to the next question.

Do you believe in Humanity ?

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