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Illuminatii Scrapbook Pt1

Illuminatii Scrapbook pt1

There is sufficient energy to maintain base level continuity, although the components dirge along without much change over time. To change over time requires a catalyst.

We observe this as;
1 movement which elevates the base components toward;
2 peak which re-structures the arrangement of the base level components by giving them form.

A peak is a distilled focus force elevated beyond its energy surge in a particular direction.
To peak and to maintain that peak requires energy being fed into the alignment by the component.
The peak level can be maintained for only so long as the base level components can sufficiently hold that form.
When a peak level drains the components beyond their ability to maintain the stable form of that peak level, the structure crashes.
Observation of this over time has revealed;
3 What catalyses the surge motion? That energy which comes through at a particular time in history, now rather than before or later. It is geophysic governed by solar electromagnetics; the geophysics is metaphoric for spiritual given that we are ourselves bio-electromagnetic organisms which by evolution have achieved access to some degree of higher perception.

We picture the above structure as a pyramid. The base level components on the bottom tier, the structure on the next tier, the foci at the apex.
What we do not very often depict in this is the original surge, a sub-sonic / sub terrain energy flow which comes through and affects the whole. This is item 3. It is a thing we identify with the subconscious (both the individual and collective subconscious) because it is not something we can liminally perceive until after it has begun to make form (2A) and distilled into an apex (2B).

1 the soil, 2A the system / the tree, 2B the peak, 3 the sub-current, 4 the fruit.

The sub-current has tides, the energy surges develop over time. It takes a long time to measure these things, to build up and establish a historic record for comparison so as to be able to determine what this evolutionary energy is and what it is doing. We currently have the benefit of several thousand years of history, both the official records show ‘the winner writes the histories and writes themselves as the good guy role and those they have crushed as the bad guy role’ level of dogma and perversion, along with the natural history which can be established by seeing the whole for what it is.

Tyrants typically do not accept nor study the existence of 3 the sub-current, they see 2B as the ultimate goal rather than a stage of a process while controlling and exploiting both 2A the system and 4 the fruit. Tyrants seek to maintain the peak despite natural progress and at the cost of exploiting the structure supporting them beyond its capacity to be maintained. As they require more energy they leech the structure beyond its ability to sustain. The more energy is leeched from the soil, the more cataclysmic a catalyst is required to re-energise that soil, which can come only from the sub-tide. History repeatedly reveals this lesson. Tyranny is both non-sustainable and loathed.

The terminology used here is as close an accurate proximation I can get at this time in history using the formal language. There is confusion inherent within it which I am aware of. The use of the word ‘sub’ which has two meanings might later lead to confusion. The following is an attempt to alleviate that:

Sub means beneath. I use the word sub-tide to describe a flow of energy akin to geo-energy on a spiritual plane over time, the electromagnetic flow from the sun. I do not use the word sub to mean subordinate. It is actually the driving energy for the whole system yet it was historically vastly beyond our power to do much with other than observe over time and become increasingly aware of (which is why tyrants ignore it). This has now changed because we can now identify this energy in more scientific and spiritual terms than our history which deifies aspects an forms of it. We can attune to it as resonant and harmonic energy spectrum. We can therefore map it, the transition over time is a gradual increase in frequency which manifests as whole cultures.

And more; we can identify very stable, high and balanced frequencies from it which we can ourselves attune to individually and culturally as a natural part of our evolution and as a part of the upshift of a culture. Different cultures in the past have achieved this although many of them have fallen, they come also with an awareness that ‘no form of energy ceases; it transmutes’ and therefore the aware souls transmigrate to wherever they require to be elsewhere in the history. So that despite civilisations coming and going, achieving peaks and declining; the same ones who attune to specific spectrum awaken and continue their paths over many lifetimes.

We are all caught in the flow of the highest frequency individuals whose wake steers our own. We flow spiraling around that focus until we lose enough confusion and become pure enough to join into as one with that flow. When we do so, ego dissolves and we are free to flow faster. At the highest speed, we flow so fast as to break through the barrier we perceive as the fastest edge of time, as light-speed. Once we have become focused enough to join with the surge which can transcend light-speed we enter an entirely different set of physics to that which we are familiar with in the material density. Time=Mass.

The elements of the surge penetrate the barrier of the veil and go elsewhere, into faster dimensions. From here, we call those dimensions the Imaginal Realms. On our approach, mystics call that the Magickal Universe, where the dream and the material worlds overlap and miracles occur which breach conventional paradigms such as sciences and religions. Ultimately the Imaginal Realms are accessible by all dreamers, they exist independently of us once having gathered sufficient energy to become self-sustaining. The more energy they gather, the denser they become and the more solidly they manifest. They become real environments which transmigrant souls can reincarnate into.

Currently humanity is investing a lot of psychic energy into imagining and visualizing some of these imaginal realms as virtual reality environments. Previously these places were accessible to a limited number of dreamers through regular dreamtime. Now, a few of them in various incarnations exist as digital environments. They have come a step closer to being solid worlds - we can already visit them, even those of us who have never studied the shamanic art of dreaming. They are strengthened by the investment of human psychic energy into them from a wider number of individuals, the ‘soil’ level of human energy directed into a focus.

Much of this exploration is non-scientific, because todays sciences have not yet at time of writing achieved a level to verify this in layman’s terms; those few who properly understand holographic universe, quantum mechanics and such, have an overview to the relationship between human psychic energy and the manifestation of worlds in the development of reality. We are an active component in the machine. The machine reinvents itself depending upon the imaginations of its components. There will come a time when we attune raw elements of the perceived space and time around us into a new form; dissolving the world we see and replacing it with something else. By this manner we travel to other dimensions, physically. Although our technology is currently at a stage of development indicating this future, our spiritual level of comprehension of the whole is lacking, our abilities are lacking. They cannot be replaced by reliance on technology, it is that the technology shows us how to achieve the spiritual development. It does not replace the spiritual development. We have time to learn and we know that this natural progress is inevitable, for a few of us who can suspend the disbelief in the reality-model we have been programmed with by others who do not fully understand it. Instinct is everything. No form of energy ceases; it transmutes. Ask yourself, what type of energy are you?

You may be asking yourself, what does this have to do with science fiction?

So much of our energy is invested in diminishing returns. We know that the closest world to our own is uninhabitable. Solar winds destroy any survivable atmosphere before it has a chance to generate, so planting forests on Mars will be redundant. Space becomes more hostile the further away we get from beloved Earth. The colonists will be robots sending resources back to us, and some genetically adapted life-forms, squids with human brains in robot suits as depicted by the Daleks of Dr Who are better suited to space travel than are the human form perfected for living on Earth. It is faster and more cost effective to engineer a culture on Earth which develop spiritually enough to be able to transmigrate to the Dreamworlds, than it is to send us to another desolate rock in a tin can. This is a factor which for many is a sad truth, and for many is a load of baloney because they are not yet ready to assimilate the profound level of spiritual information available to us, much less personally develop. Hence the necessity for a designer culture which is itself a focus group. There are archeological ruins all over this planet revealing evidence of historic groups who achieved just that. Many of the stone-carvings left by the Jaguar priests, a global spanning archaic secret society  (egypt, aztec, cambodia, china, tibet, india etc) show precisely that while cultures of oral tradition and wood-craft (celts, american indians, countless others).

There will come a time when your immortal soul will recall its past-life origins as a singularity. It might not be in this lifetime. Until you can embrace this cosmology and integrate its teachings, life will make less sense to you. What is being done to planet Earth, the spiritualization through technology of a promising species. Many of our ancestors have already made the Leap and are guiding us there.

The next installation of this transmission will focus on the culture of Telempathic Communication with those living elsewhere along our timeline.

First Published in Bright Metallic magazine

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