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gilded turd vs book cover

A gilded tower of turd verses judging a book by its cover.
You have read the title, now you don't need to read the book.

An almanac compiled by snakeappletree

Is a treatise on coping with prejudice from state workers for those who they are in conspiracy to alienate due to their projected label of your being a non-conformist by questioning to what precisely is it they expect us to conform to.

The story of Samson and Delilah from classical Greek mythology upon which western civilisation claims to have been founded, explicitely teaches short hair in relation to slavery. Monks, Soldiers and Prisoners traditionally have their heads shaved while long hair is a mark of respectability. In todays world, men with long hair are regularly singled out and victimized. This is the wig's split end syndrome.

It is surprising that in this the 21st century of the Gregorian calender, such prejudice still exists and is accepted as a normality by many of those who choose to wear their hair short or equivalent mark of individuality. These same people spread known carcinogenic toxins onto their cropped hair to be absorbed by their skin on a regular basis, for which they pay money. The scientific proofing that herbal soap which costs less to manufacture and purchase and is actively healthy for the human organism, seems alien to them because it is regarded as a part of a non-conformist lifestyle.

This manuscript is an analysis of such examples that 'conformity' is in practical actually a paradigm of endorsed slavery designed to disempower individuals. Also that in most cases the assertion of it is a criminal offense contravening common sense, common law, legal statutes and human rights.

The alternative paradigm is repressed in favour of reinforcing assumed positions of authority, for-profit social masks worn by such abusers. It is these people whom this book is intended to target, by teaching its readers methods of getting through to such individuals and reprogramming them with humanitarian attitude, primarily by use of logical argument and also by training the reader how to expose abusers of position of authority and what processes to go through to have them removed.

This book also deals with histrionic and narcissistic spectrum personality disorders, analysing the relationship between the need to control, reasons for feelings of lack of control, and how this relates to employment and deployment in such positions of social authority. With recognition that the society inherited at the end of the 20th century creates psychotics, it is of major importance to us all to address these issues openly.

We are, all of us, involved with actively constructing a better community with more humane ethics, or failing to achieve that by permitting such abuses to continue and embed themselves deeper into the protective infrastructure of an outmoded social system. It is outmoded because it permits such abuses to permeate.

This is a kickstarter type project and we require donations to give us incentive and ability for it to become a finished product. Overcoming socially induced apathy and depression is a third major topic for this book. We very gladly accept and wish to include useful information from many writers.

Chapter one.
Working title: so what exactly is 'alternate lifestyle' anyway?

Chapter two.
Working title: analysis of system infrastructure and identifying broken clockwork.

Chapter three.
Working title: original intent and compromise; the many layered cake of the zombifying process.

Lets face it, everyone loves cake but do you check the ingredients list? We are made of what we eat. Avoiding toxins.

Chapter four.
Working title: secret audio recording legally to protect your rights and expose system abuse. What to say and what not to say. Why it is necessary to use easily available modern technology to gather evidence for use in court.

Chapter 5.
Working title: what to do when a companies policy is in breach of the law.

To be continued...

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