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Today with people i love, learning spirit. The chaqmal and the chacual, ja guar. It taught me what this region close to where we live called the gower is in the ancient tongue, guar. When yaqui maya and xiao and aegyptian and w'el'sh and ja mai qa'n and the even elder peoples, old fella's spirit teachings, are all the same mother tongue aligned ... makes sense of the confusing designs i have been compelled to be making lately, geo-mathic arrhythmic stonecarve sigils of flows, language of subconscious from the underworld. Phonemes of power. All the namings follow the same root blocks which explain vastly.

Has been an unusual day.

Walking through the field we were triangulated by red and green, symbols on many levels aligning to make sense of ancient prophecy, "red an green should never be seen" spoke a magester to me many years ago and here last week my kid asserting freedom ran off and hid, and here today the son of a mother who found him showed us two toy cars, micro machines in red and green, while over there a guy who helped search went past on a red scooter while holding green skateboard, and over there two old men with three white dogs, one wearing a red coat the other wearing a green bag. These tones, more specific than coincidence, were all the very same tone of red and the very same tone of green.

This is shamanism in practise recognising how energies align and it put me outside mind and into the other attention, shifted my assemblage point. Twenty-one years of studying don carlos and many other disciplines, it is making sense now. Reasons why i am living here at this time and thus the confusion about it ends because i know what the places mean now, why locations are named specific energies and how they align. The gregorian calender of the early freemasons measures it well enough. I will look up next what the tzolkiin date is. Cholkan, these words have many tonal expressions specific to purpose.

Our activities are events controlled by the flowing and opening of these gates and energies, our lives enact the flowering. This is what shamen study, how syncronicities connectivity creates our life journeys. I make no claim of being a nagual, simply observer and recorder, Thoths servant, a zero chief who speak a language very few of us are trained in but those who are, who study to this level, will decipher.

A childs first birthday today. Think about that and power numbers of 7.7.1+6=7 and how significant that is. Crowleys book of the same title dressed in the winged solar gate. So today, eleven kids, four chaga and myself a pentacle of adults, making a relief of new healing space between us and within us. Because of doing right thing. These archonic structural guides are a grid of a pure vortex and we captured its power, even without trying.

This is not a cult or religion, it is a way of recognizing. These words mean specific things describing soul energy and they appear all over the world hidden in many cultures. Some souls are trained to know it, and it truly exists, while the ignorant simply fail to accept that which they are blind to. I am speaking mayan the language of the dreaming, we all were today, references.

Today the universe gifted me a blue dog lead, a power tool entrusted wisely. I have no fear to teach how real this is. As initiation i can only point to Victor Sanchez book, the Teachings of Don Carlos.

To many, this whole text is gobbldigook. To others it describes where we are at in great detail.

Guar means amongst other things, the reptilian cortex. It means the lizard. Iguana. Sex and when untamed is from where we get the words worry and war. The red and the green. This is a system which transcends time. I did not invent it. I achieved sufficient objective clarity in my studies of no-mind to remember all of this data and witness it. When earthed, we get the word guard, protection like a wall or fortress, caer in welsh like to care by protecting. Lots of kids here today, the most important thing to be protecting. Lots of kids from lots of sexuality but - i have to emphasize that observing and making these connections can only come from the sage sacrificing all of that, study instead of play. And being benevolent, teach freely a summation of decades of lonely assimilation. It is what it takes to achieve that perception as described here.

We spoke of 666 being the triple spire and 777 being the feather growth up from it, axles on axles, cogs, stepped stages to measure the flowing. We spoke of many things. Words that came through us because our ego minds did not intercede, and our hearts mending, and laughter, and all of this the crowning of child and his tribal group. Happy birthday EsEsEl.

I don't know how this can be, howevewr according to this site calculator, 7.714 and 77.15 and 7.7.16 are all Star/11 days. That itself is amazing. Even if it is a glitch 'there is no such thing as a glitch, merely the ripple of some other factor we are not fully aware of'. It is significant.


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