Friday, 8 July 2016


First i had to learn babylon inside out, blood sweat tears, hopes programs fears, streets walked by city people from high echelon to lo-fi dry in the post bust rust and decay of glass shard broken emotion and mental digital how it works gangrene sludgy brain fluid of lives in disarray, the wealthy ignore the poor and hate disguised as acceptance routines which for law. I saw. 

From underage drag queen wined by the mayor to inside secret libraries, drug dens, galleries and cells colder than ice sold by cops, vice as necessity for city to function while working and middle classes protected living in delusions. From hooking to cooking for the rich an poor in restaurants and soup houses, counselling deadbeats whose hearts still somehow pure but sharp shark eyes dead as half my crew. Shallow graves dug by authorities and masks worn by those faceless professionals we are made to rely on. Work for money or beg and busk through system or street corner where the turn you in for crimes they did, everyones fave scapegoat. 

And has made i wise. Wise with city eyes, the owl looks through, commerce and corruption which i avoided on my spiritual dub warrior medicine path of budo shamanic discipline. I survived, most didnt. 

Ye mon, i know babylon well n better n do you, shortcuts backstreets safe routes and true. Now i have amassed experience so much my songs speak deep, no aspiration here the coin of the exploited, this dub is what it is, beyond naivety. Now ready to write babylon tunes, jara jara

Writ cos having at last caught upon the far star of babylon 5 sci fi tv series, the pentacle closes, i knows it braa. Somehow symbolic relations between concepts from here and from over the horus-zen collate to create new forms of cohesion. Ready for new world now with fresh meaning as the lens twist into new resolution, a focus, a twenty-two year parallel assimilation on this day 7.7.1+6=7 = enochian key, turning that corner, the gate opens.

Its not madness when you know the frames of reference. Its only madness to the ignorant. Keep listening, keep walking that bassline pace of human rhythm. Simmering along here is a new album brewing cos i unplugged my tentacle from the visual crystal, so the energy flows through spine into the chime of sound bar mystic ~ ♡ ☆

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