Thursday, 14 July 2016


5 things I hate about the internet.

1 Trolls as Admin. Admin who Troll. These are not doing their job well at all. In real life it is called negligence of duty and is a sackable offense. It is bullying. On the internet it generally goes unchecked and the site owners take the troll/admin's word for it that their victim is the problem, who gets instantly banned from the forum. This happens on most of the internet forums.

2 pop-up screens I have to close to see the website I want to see.
On protocol I never click 'yes' to them, ever. 
I usually also close the web-page for hosting pop-ups.

3 websites where I have to click 'next' to go to the next page of an article.
I close those windows on principle.
4 spam from companies who I signed up with and who want my attention and money so they waste their lives sending me one or more emails a day. My inbox is full of this. I will never buy from you, ever, and I advertise that you are a spam company so you lose more sales than you would make by acting more professionally, sleek and keeping it simple. 1 email to my inbox is all I ever need because when I want to read it, i use 'search' to find it - the internet is an indexed database. If you are sending me a third email, I will report you.

5 hook-up sites that charge money. The only people who use these sites will ask you to go to another site which requires your credit card details. You will never find a partner there, only a waste of your time. The hook-up sites with real people who do actually meet, they do not charge money because the people who use them are actual people with the same intention as you. Whether they are for-real people or head-fuck time-wasters is another matter. People genuine about getting laid and into long-term relationships typically live near you and drink at the local bar, or else they are not worth the hassle. There are exceptions but remember that 95% of long-distance relationships end in break-up usually before you meet irl.

Thank you for reading my top 5 internet hates. Now go and do something about it if you are in a position to do something about it.

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