Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Village

 Around here 'that Innsmouth look" is not fish, it is feline. The locals pronounce it feleen rather than the more normal pronunciation feeline which one will know if one has travelled or been programmed by the technological mind control devices which have flooded society in the guise of entertainment devices. Around here the locals are of such a mind to have detached from that and regard it as foreign and invasive, much as they do to anyone from the far side of the street, the next village or the neighbouring counties. Around here the self centered nature of the cat is regarded as normality, acceptable, the locals have problems with more open-minded attitudes and more experienced strangers bringing their strange and unsettling ideas and ways into the region. The village is culturally remote and a haven for those seeking to hide their pasts by embracing the local mindset and settling in as locals. As they say, "folks from around here ain't from around here" and for the most part this is true. The inheritance of local culture masks prison time, ex offenders, children of ex offenders and behind closed doors secrets that the single parent mums are so because dad is doing time, either because he was caught supporting her the illegal way or because she put him there to get him out of her way so that she could live uncompromised by having a man around who being father of her kids is at once less disposable than random strangers and more disposable than men who are so desperate for sex they will turn a blind eye to her nature and simply provide money. A lot of Ex offenders come through here as a halfway house and are exactly the manly sort of men the local women are attracted to. It takes several years of integration to recognize this about the place, beyond the facade of public image. The cunning wiles of the local women ensures all aspects of local culture conform to this unwritten code of conduct - the tradition is business as always, must be maintained. Those who cross the line are reprimanded with cruelty thus to teach.
The town could be any remote backwater community situated beyond the end of the main travel routes. All other subcultural communities are hidden away from the maintenance of local ways so as to be invisible and unspoken in public.
Here, anti-male third wave feminism has emasculated male culture although the Sport is permitted as a male interest. Most males hate the sport, enough are into it sufficiently to cause the majority to pretend to like it, they have to because the social pressure is profound. Men who are not into the sport are written off as breeders, regarded as non supportive of the potential mothers. It goes against the natural way but is described as being the natural way and most people are discouraged from questioning the authority of that indoctrination. Social memes, mind control projects, are rife here. The sport is boring and so I write about it objectively rather than in glorification for political pursuit of money, acceptability and female interest. Women hate the sport but regard men who share that distaste as second class, thus encourage it especially to male children. It helps to focus them away from becoming troublemakers, it helps make them predictable. And it reveals which males are the other caste - self thinkers, free thinkers and thus either to be rejected and persecuted, or to be bred from, depending on their aggression and criminality. The intellectual and effeminate, compassionate, empathic males are trusted to menial jobs in the female dominated council. Brutish males are bred from and encouraged to break the laws so they can be incarcerated when they are finally deemed to require the experience of jail time, to get them out of the way so the mothers can raise their kids without them interfering. You play their game or you are removed from society. The game is called "we change the goalposts to suit our whims."
Attempts to change this infrastructure result in persecution and being cast out of all factions of society. Strangely, the intellectual capacity and life experience of the cast out is much higher than the regular normalized acceptable folks who have made the necessary compromises to adjust to the local culture.

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