Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Good Cyber

What makes good cyber?

Following the 'what makes a good blog’ blog in which it came down to originality and lack of pop-ups and adverts - pop-ups and adverts immediately trigger the ‘close this tab’ reflex - here the theme expands through ‘what makes a good game’ blog.

> Have I played this before?
YES it is a clone
NO it is original and unique

> Is the game built of commercial effects available to anyone who has funds and can access the market?
YES it is made by throwing money at it
         to create what in the music industry is called ‘industry loops’ - remixing someone else’s tunes.
NO it is original and unique

Already you can recognise the common theme.
What makes a good game is that it is Original and Unique.

>Will I play it again? Does the game draw me in? Is it addictive?
YES winner.
NO don’t waste people’s time with any more of this shit, ever

The discussion ends here.

Oh one more thing, the tab.

>Is it worth 10 dollars, less than 5 dollars, free, or more than 25 dollars?
These are the four categories of games.

FREE it’s someone’s pet project built as a learning curve and for passion of the project, which they want everyone to share and remember their name/logo so they can get hired in the industry. If it is good, WIN. If it is shit, don’t waste people’s time.

Less than 5 dollars: For most people this is the same as for Free. If not then you have to stop gaming and start coding your own.

10 dollars: A fling. A distraction. Its worth an hours wage to a minimum wage worker and should take longer than that to complete. Most indie games should probably be in this category. That’s a lot of scope. Includes many genres of which the best games typically defy genre-categorization. Ultimately all games in this category are a waste of time to remind you to stop gaming and start coding your own.

25+ dollars: This game is an investment. Professional game industry level entertainment. Careers built this. More than one person at a time. This has got to give braingasm on a regular basis. For the price it’s better than a hooker otherwise it’s the last game this development team are going to produce. As a game developer you will not enter this category until you have produced multiples in all other categories. You have to be able to give multiple braingasms to all categories of gamers on a regular basis.

And then there’s Kevin Flynn.

Be like Kevin Flynn. 

Pioneers do not copy the world as it is. 
Pioneers create new worlds and they do it their own way. 
Except for the Bridge at Khazad Dum bit. 
That was an homage. Obviously. 

copyright image shared non-profit within international fair use policy for educational purposes fully accredited to Disney
See, its the same thing

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