Sunday, 7 September 2014

5th Age to 6th Age

We enter the Mayan Fifth Age.
It is the Age of Itza=Ishtar.
The Age of urban living; the Ways of all the people: Love, War and Fertility. Learning to seek and find working resolutions. Revelling in the dance of differences.

Following this is the Mayan 6th Age and it is that which I intend to write about here.
When an individual is connected directly to their instinct, their prana, their life-flow; without intercession of mental aberrations such as dogma and delusion; when a person is free of samsara mind and is truly theirself, that is when a person breaks through the grid ding veil of time and functions as a spirit in self harmony. That is to access the 6th Age. When we experience life normally, that spirit projects a preconception filter, a mask, onto the physical body and it tells the body what it should ooh like. When a person is in the 6th Age, the person forgets to project the filter grid because they are free of it. At such a time we can see what that spirit truly looks like. Ears become pointy, eyes become elemental. We enter into the dimension which our ancestors called the Faye; that place where we are innocent as children despite our far-from-innocent darkness. It is palace where we are in perfect balance, the Jungian archetypes of the assimilated shadow self. We morph to present our inner nature instead of re-presenting it through a protective shield which is the lower dimensions we have travelled through. The 6th Age is accessible from any location in space and time, many are already there, many fluctuate in and out of it depending upon what factors influence them. The prophecy is such that by the end go the 5th Age, we will all have become free of our debilitating restrictions and the veil, the grid, will be lifted. At such an event, time will loosen since we will individually be projecting our own time-fields rather than affected by the mainstream one. First we have to become responsible for our actions because the powers we can access when truly balanced and ourselves is the powers of imagination. The 6th Age is the era or time and place during which the imagination manifests directly.

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