Monday, 29 September 2014

Understanding Western Mind For Moslems

Understanding Western Mind For Moslems

The conclusions that people come to about life based on our beliefs can be very diverse. We need this diversity to enable progress. We need to progress toward a more humane society.

Westerners do not all believe in God. They mostly believe in Science. They are materialists. When they are spiritual, this is not the same thing as Islam. Western spirituality is a different thing to Islam. Westerners do not have to act the same way as Islam teaches. They have more freedom. Westerners have self-responsibility. They believe in freedom of choice. Westerners believe in Human Rights. A Right is more valid and important than a philosophical position, a moral position or a social position. It cannot be retracted.

Westerners believe that Islam was created for a stone-age culture. In its hundreds of years of history it has mutated from what it originally intended to be. We no longer live in the stone age. Technology and society has changed. People have changed; our attitudes, beliefs, ways of being, understanding of the world. We have changed so much that we do not require religion. It is a thing of history.

When people live their whole lives within a society that has constant reinforcement of doctrine, it is difficult to perceive the world from outside of that doctrine. It is impossible to make an objective decision. A person must understand both sides of an argument before making a wise decision.

Not all Westerners would agree with what is written here, just as not all Moslems believe that Sharia Law is perfect. In the West, we are allowed to openly discuss the things we disagree with. We are permitted to stand up and voice our opinions about such concerns. We believe that we have a right to fight if necessary to protect this freedom. We do not fear for our lives if our belief goes against the rules that have been forced onto us, which we did not agree to contract. We do not live in a restricted society, where people are afraid to voice their opinions and exercise their rights in public for fear of recrimination. Westerners believe that it is a God-given right to have an opinion and to live without persecution.

This seems to be the biggest difference between Islam and Western mind. The second biggest difference is the Western banks are Usury based. Usury means charging interest on money-lending. Nobody likes usury except for the banks who profit from it. The West cannot resolve this issue because the entire governance system and trade systems depend on the usury banks. Sharia banks are not usury based. Banking has nothing at all to do with religion however it does control how society functions.

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