Thursday, 18 September 2014


Pretending they know whats going on so they can feel in control of it and making up a story that fits their model of how the world should be irregardless of the truth and what is actually happening. Ignoring and discrediting anything that does not conform to their understanding, even the reality of the situation.

Edit: the very next day 19.9.14

I stepped out of my front door and there directly in front of me was Sandra who used to come and visit my ex when she lived here and who has never to this day been able to look me in the eye.

Me “Morning Sandra how are you?”

Sandra (practiced speech): "I don’t like you, I have never liked you, I do not know you, so leave me alone.”

Me: “Well that’s your prejudice and that’s your problem. You don’t know me, you said it yourself; so whatever you think of me, does not affect me or who I am.”

Then I walked away. I would have added; 'enjoy your lonely bigotry' but I decided not to antagonize her any more than my mere presence on the pavement by my front door was already doing.

Some people you cannot reach. Some people are so negative that there is no hope for them. For whatever purpose the Cosmic Syncronicity put us both in the same place at the same time today, I walked away feeling happy that I know to my bones I am unscathed by the encounter. I could feel a shimmering inside of me, as if nerve tips within my body that were held down in their electromagnetic attunement have just lifted and are sparkling with pleasure because a dead weight has been lifted. It is the same type of sparkle that I have felt with flight-or-fight responses in the past, yet this time I am not using the energy to run away and hide; I am consciously using it to lift me up beyond the spectrum generated by a black hole star. Such is life.


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