Saturday, 20 September 2014

Truth Assessment

Truth Assessment.
We can only detect truth up to the accuracy of how truthful we ourselves are. The second crucial factor to be awary of is that society encourages a level of dishonesty called the usually accepted normality. To cut deeper than that, one becomes a different and more honest society.

Individuals and group cohesion generate the waveforms that are our paradigms, by our bio-electromagnetic emissions. This brings us to the first crucial factor to be aware of; that our own personal honesty (from old english, to 'hone' is to sharpen by study practice, it relates to the concept 'home' which relates it to the concept 'hominid'; upright) is a two way interchange with the external universe.

The foundation of Egyptian spirituality is expressed by the phrase 'we see what we say'. The most direct connection is a straight line, else we have varying degrees of tangent arc by which a persons truth can be measured. People who can see the bio-electromagnetic field as an aura perceive a persons honesty as colour gradients.

Autopsies have showed that the brains of liars develop differently to the brains of truthful people. Hardwired, durable grey stem cells are common in the frontal lobes of truthful people wheras short-term white stem cells are found in the frontal lobes of known liars. We perceive through these grids. We emit energy from these grids. This is established fact.

In society it is possible to ascertain an individuals level of honesty where a line is drawn due to circumstance; on one side of which is a known truth. A persons decision over which side of that line they fall in their belief and response to the situation is an illustration of their own personal integrity. The concept of integrity means how honorable a person is; by its spelling we can see that it is intentionally related to the ability to integrate, to assimilate information from external sources accurately. Internal gratification based upon resonance with our own level of equilibrium, how truthful we are, how much we lie to ourselves and to others.

Most liars are ill equipped to develop a synaptic network capable of reading auras, they are malformed and cannot connect to that level of perception. It is not only the air around a person that is electrically charged; the water in the body amplifies the current. Organs and skin cells adapt to its shape in the same way as crystals placed in water in a freezer cause the ice formation to follow the helix structure of the crystal.

Liars often develop strategies to cover their internal imbalance, their disconnection from the purity of intent. Usually this involves some method of dominating those around them, typically by sdiversion of attention and typically this is from verbal direction. Meditative silence enjoyed and shared by spiritually developed people is the enemy of the liar and the dominator. Non verbal perception and communication gets far more subtle than mere body language gestures. But since the mainstream never experience such perceptions, they deny it and discredit it. That is symptomatic of their lying personalities, of their egotism. Ego inhibits development of pure perception. 

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