Monday, 10 October 2016

Of One Mind


To Dr Razor,

Following our meeting of 20.09.2016 during which we were unable to discuss matters which we do still need to discuss, I am requesting another meeting, this time without Chopsy the Social Worker present so that I can express to you what it was I was hoping to during the first meeting.

Since that time I have finally acquired a copy of my case file from the mental health team in Newport and it is imperative that somebody from a more professional mental health team take a look at it with me so that my responses to some of the situations mentioned in the file can be taken into account.

This is the first time I have been able to ascertain in black and white what was occurring at the time circa 2006 - 2008. Basically, my parents lied to Dr Loony and to the mental health team in Newport, in order to - in my mothers own words - “I am going to have you sectioned.”

I believe it probable that both my parents atrocious behavior at the time was due to their fear that I might present evidence at their divorce tribunal. Neither of them seem able to recognize that I had no intention of being involved in either of their affairs, nor that because of their historic behavior toward me, my attempts to minimize their impact on my own life were frustrated by the lengths they both went to to control my life.

Unfortunately the mental health team in Newport did not recognize any of this either and preferred to describe my not wanting anything to do with my parents as ‘paranoia’ rather than the actuality, they really were both out to get me. The fabrications contained in the case file are evidence of that. I believe that my father being an old family friend of Dr Gone is probably why she was unable to recognize this.

I have written a full response to every allegation in the file, to justify my position, which has not changed throughout the past decade. The impact of my parents fabricating information in attempt to have me sectioned is significant damage. It falls well within criminal behavior as described by “prejudice” which is a form of “hate crime”. The mental health team in Newport are incriminated in this also. I have looked into taking the matter to court however I always have and continue to believe in not acting destructively toward other people.

I cannot get life insurance which I want to do because I have a son who will need financial help after his father (myself) passes on.
I cannot get a job because nobody will employ somebody with a history of alleged schizophrenia despite ‘equality in the workplace’.
I cannot get a quality life partner because of the social stigma.
I have been victim of hate crimes specifically because of the misdiagnosis.
I have been persecuted by the police for the same.
It has affected the outcome of family court proceedings which I have been involved with.
And so on.

These experiences have caused me a great amount of stress. Along with childhood ritual abuse and having had to deal with the manipulations of state workers all along the way due to inability to find employment, I sincerely believe that the symptoms I do experience are complex PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and not schizophrenia. There is an overlap of symptoms however when comparing the two lists (from the NHS websites) I do not experience, and never have experienced, the schizophrenia symptoms. All of those are in my case files because the mental health team in Newport spoke with my parents and ignored what I have been saying all along.

This includes allegations of attempted suicide (my father made this allegation, I did not attempt suicide), psychotic breakdown (my mother made this allegation after I disobeyed her when she told me not to visit my girlfriend who lived outside of my parents sphere of influence) and so on.

I am writing this suis juris, wholly believing myself to be of sane and rational state of mind.

I mentioned manipulations by state workers - this includes Dr Dickhead who told me that he would not refer me to your mental health team for re-assessment unless I said that I do hear voices. I perceive this as blackmail and a sick joke, to give leverage against what I am saying. I need to be re-assessed by somebody intelligent enough to identify that I was forced under duress to tell Dr Dickhead that I do hear voices so that I could explain this situation, the expression ‘risk taking one step back in order to get two steps forward’ sums it up well. I do not like lying and I especially do not like being forced into a situation where I have to lie. I believe this to be malpractice on the part of Dr Dickhead.

I am making a copy of all off my records available for public consumption. Obviously I will change names to protect everybody. I am a published writer with a readership of over 300 different people per week for the past 18 months if my website statistical data is correct. I have no reason to doubt it. It is hardly fame but it is influence. I will include a copy of this letter also.

Dr Gone repeatedly used the phrase “alternate subculture” in her report. I do not know what she meant alternate to. I would very much appreciate it if you take time to look at this following information regarding prejudice against alternate subculture which since 2009 has been recognized by the British Police and Government who have changed the law to include “alternate subculture” as a target of Hate Crimes equal to gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, disability and religion.
Sophie Lancaster Foundation / Hate crimes

It is a very popular topic and powerful enough in the minds of the public to have forced law reforms. I am certain that you can see how my case relates to this. This is why I am releasing the information for public consumption. I believe it to be my civic duty to do so for the betterment of humanity.

Please do not mistake my attitude as being ‘angry’. It is closer to a reprieve from ‘flight response’. My overwhelming feeling is relief that I finally have my case file to be able to respond to the situation forced on me ten years ago that has affected my life so much. I know from being me and living my life and experiencing what I have and do, that I do have cPTSD despite whatever the bogus reports and allegations contained in the mental health team in Newport case file say. My hope is that somebody in relevant authority can formalize this officially with a correct diagnosis. Having that in paperwork will change my life, will exponentially improve it.

I will forward you my response to the mental health team in Newport file in advance of our next meeting which I hope you will arrange a date for once having understood where I am coming from. It is a lot of writing so I have highlighted the most important parts in bold text. I have waited ten difficult years to be able to reply to the allegations against me. I will also be sending copies to the relevant people involved.

I hope to be hearing from you soon.
Yours in good faith,


no not that me I meant the other me

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