Sunday, 30 October 2016

I, Daniel Blake

"The film has taken the very worst of anything that can ever happen to anyone, lump it all together and then say - this is life absolutely as it is lived by people." 

Iain Duncan Smith MP reviews 'I, Daniel Blake' the new Ken Loach film.

This movie barely scratches the surface. On top of everything it contains, add "misdiagnosed after allegation of being a drug dealer" which involves degradation from mental health and GPs who refuse to listen to the actual problem, and recurrent illegal searches of attic for a non-existent grow-lab which frightens my kids because someone has been in the house and moved things about, again, and social prejudice against people who have been diagnosed as mental simply to shut them up for exposing criminal activity and abuse networks in society. And ensuring Hate Crimes discriminating against people who cannot gain work due to misdiagnosis and the risk that kids are under with Social Services profiting from forced adoptions / child trafficking which is rife in Britain as it is a growth industry. The Ken Loach movie is barely the start of what real life is like here, its a gloss overview.

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