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Psyker's Tale

Necromunda Fan Fiction

Psyker’s Tale

When I was a kid i got into Necromunda. Back then it was called Confrontation. The world it occurs in is amazing. A Hive world. Architectural beauty scratch-built from trash. It is a world designed for bad feng shui. The people, the culture. It is constant warfare, exploitation, productivity, battle, machines, industry, pollution, toxins, mutants, some chemicals promote psychic development.

One of the psychic developments of this world is a rare girl child, one of the inhabitants. As she reached puberty in the lower city her family, a clan whose males either joined the gangs or became mechs or both, she reached out through the pain and contacted me.
I was going through the same emotional turmoil as she was, looking at her desperate future with no bright prospects, the inevitable futility of her life and the world she was born onto, poverty at best, degeneration at worst, even being killed in a street gang fight would be a blessed relief. I had been beaten up by my dad again after my brother did something and lied about it and told my dad it was my fault. Punishment first do not ask questions. Questions led to more beatings.

The same life for me as for the clan girl. She told me of a guy she had met who she cared for and hoped would protect her and she took my spirit and sent it into him. Together we developed his strength to protect her, as mine and his personalities merged she asked me for others to empower him.

My neighbours older brother used to hurt her. He was strong, wanted to be a soldier, and a lot of the tabletop battle games I got into as a child were the same vibration as he was attracting to himself. He joined the army and was bullied, tortured and finally pushed out of a moving jeep and he died.

He died after I had agreed with the Necromundan girl to send a whole life from my world into hers, to empower her and her boyfriend because that is how much she needed life force energy. We had shared our souls and were connected through desperation and love. My neighbour was the sacrifice. When events and contracts made during dreaming based on imaginary worlds spill over and manifest as realities in the physical world, it is obvious that imagination is a real thing and that the people living on those imaginary worlds are real people. Without doubt I experienced this as a lived reality.
Thousands of kids over many generations have played Necromunda and empowered it. It is a real place, a real dimension in an alternate plane to ours and the psychic people there are able occasionally to reach out and contact us. She was lucky - she manipulated her boyfriend to clear a space so that she could find employ in the upper hab layers. She had that level of intelligence born of struggle. She sent her thought-streams as grids up to the leaders and they, less psychic than her, believed those grids to be their minds, the obvious thing to do. She shaped the culture. It got to the stage where she was trading with off-worlders for the goods exploited from her planet, she was important and protected by coup and corruption necessary to maintain respect in a death-world society. 
Psychic projections cause ripples. Others are affected by them. I can name several people of my own experience who were on the same ripples as the connection made between myself and the girl. It has been thirty years since it occurred and now I am remembering it again for the first time since, re-living the experience and the patterns because now I am reading about Necromunda again and being inspired by its bad feng shui to construct cyber-environments for videogames. I am going into versions of that world and seeing with my whole being, minds eye, feelings, my soul is sharing with others there. A lot of them are less psychic than myself, much less psychic than the woman who I am seeking. She went hard. Cut-throat clever, a product of her environment, ruthless. 
Necromunda is described as a world with no humanity despite and because of overpopulation: limited resources. Only the fittest and cleverest survive. A belief in Luck denotes a belief in Hope. It is a hopeless world of despair. However they do have psychic development drugs there. Only their elite are supposed to have them although watered down dirty versions find their way to where they are needed. People are supernatural about drugs on most worlds.
The people of Necromunda are leeching energy from their planet. The psychic people of Necromunda are leeching psychic energy from societies of planet earth because they have a need to: to survive. This is only hinted at in the canon material but logical as they have so little of it for themselves. That its how humans are evolving in the Spires of Hive worlds. Most of them do not have any idea this is happening. Most of them are simply grunts, not psychic at all, barely more than meat-machines with rage and greed. The humans of the world I am on are not much better. 
Imagination is not make-belief. It is a window, a portal through to other worlds and we can communicate with others there. Some are brighter at it than others, have clearer vision and communication. Of all the worlds existing in the great infinity, why the hell did I have to connect with and be inspired by a brat bitch on Necromunda death world? Nevertheless it has been integral into forming my own character. I never mentioned this to anyone before. 
I love Necromunda. She came to love it too after she accepted it. Accepting that which we hate and coming to love it. Mastering it. Rising to power instead of being trodden down as the irrelevant underdog. The pain becomes our teacher, our friend, our constant ally. Now I bring visions of that world into our world by making video game sets for people to immerse themselves into it. Pictures are portals.

A lot of my urban art for VR is inspired by environmental models made by the game’s fans, capturing the mood of the place. Because I want to show others what we collectively as a hive mind are seeing, and to feel he love and pain, to accept. That this place is real, it describes how we are, whichever world we are from.

Necromunda is copyright Games Workshop Ltd

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