Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Mentation One


There are layers of reality. There are layers of Mind. Mind is not what people are told it is. Shamen develop a recognition of what we are. Pharmacology funded Academic psychiatry and psychology research has missed the point. Mind is not unique to the individual. Ego is. Ego is a component of Mind. It is not the full extent of it. We need ego for individuality otherwise we would be hive units, bee’s following control-function orders from the super-ego and obsessively driven by addiction and subconscious reflex response of the id. When we detach from Ego, Mind is psychic. Either we are aware of this or not. When we are aware of it, we Observe what is happening. The word for this detached observer is Self. Self is not the Mind. Mind is Arena.

I developed a pictorial description for this. Your Attention focus is a cone. It can be sent outward into the external world and it can be sent inward into the arena of Mind. These are two distinct teachings. Here we concentrate on sending it inward into Mind.

The tip of the cone opens into a sphere. All individuals Minds open into this sphere. They do so either willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or subconsciously. Programs come down from the Sphere into the individual. Programs extend outward from the individual into the Sphere. The more individuals who connect into the sphere, the bigger it gets. Theoretically it is infinite. Within the sphere is an ocean. There are tides. Some describe it as a sky. There are winds.  The currents are thoughts.

It is imperative to understand that thoughts are not the Self. You are not the thoughts occupying your mind space. Neither is that mind space the same thing as the ego.

We have to be very careful so as not to get confused as to the precise and specific meanings of each of these words and their associated concepts. Too many people use the words interchangeably and it has resulted in a great amount of confusion. I have attempted to explain what each word properly means and in a worthy context.

The intention of any evolving individual is to become the Self. The detached observer capable of using ones assets for their proper purposes. Ensure you study this and know exactly what word relates to what concept. It is imperative otherwise you will become confused. Mental Impairment is a tool of the Enemy of confusion and those who wield it so as to exploit you.

Your mind is full of psychic energy and this is a power. Many others will enslave you to their systems of thinking. Imagine the queen bee sending her control commands to the hive so as to exploit them to her game. Within the sphere of mind are many individuals and hive-minds who are strategically performing many often contradictory agenda’s. Your individuality is a problem to them. They will subjugate you and they are so much more clever than you. This is their arena and you are a newcomer to it. They do not all exist in the same time and dimension as you. The arena of mind is an overlap of many different spaces combining as one. We silently observe.

Each individual mind has a signature frequency, a texture which is traceable. This is not a place for fame and loudness. Those things will have you destroyed and enslaved into the grids of mind controllers. They will use your psychic energy against you, against your plans, desires, aspirations, hopes dreams friends family species, life in general. They will inhibit your freedom. Some are ancient and vastly powerful to the extent we describe them as daemons and dragons. These naming words are well chosen. We are irrelevant to them until they turn their gaze in our direction. And then we are toast. It can take decades to recover, lifetimes of reincarnation, to heal after coming to the attention of those. We avoid them. Silence, utter stillness, is your best hope for survival. For this we study meditation exercises. Often we dedicate a whole lifetime to this one single pursuit - quieting the mind. Stilling the mind. It is a survival tool. This cannot be emphasised enough.

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