Monday, 24 October 2016

The Bit Taken From The Horses Mouth

The Bit Taken From The Horses Mouth

I recognised that by detaching from my mind set I can identify alternate mind sets with which to deal with any given situation. Stress pins you to one mind set, that of worrying and it is difficult to overcome. Reptilian cortex flight response. When I began explaining this to people, they did not hear what I was saying and they heard about ‘detaching from mind’ which they describe as schizotypal. 

The problem is that western academic pharma-funded psychology does not recognise this about that we have different mind sets which is a different thing from thinking that your mind is somebody else and being controlled by somebody else. I identified also that some mind sets are indeed following the flow of other peoples manifestation and that there indeed are manifestations governed by collective flow. There are positive mind sets, there are negative mind sets, there are slavery mind sets, there are empowerment mind sets. I decided to stay in creative-instinctive mind set all the time I possible could so as to be able to master my art and my flow of chi energy however I face blockages when others attempt to manifest me to within their paradigm. 

For example if a collaboration of people conspire that I am sick, and I enter their realm, I am more likely to be sick because they are projecting that onto me.

The one I have trouble with is making money from my art, chasing clients, I need help with that because it is very very different from creative-instinctive. 

Because I am different, outside-of-their-box, people project onto me a suspicion that I am crazy and therefore I am constantly on the defensive around those people. Deciding to avoid them is a better way of managing my life than arguing with them and persuading them that I am not crazy, it is simply that they are being assholes to me because they do not understand me until they change their mind set - look at it in terms of the right tool for the job.

I manage my mind until I am so exhausted that I need to rest due to mental impairment from fatigue (and dealing with those types of people is exhausting) - usually first thing in the morning on waking or late at night after a long day. Fatigue degrades our ability to cope well and being an insomniac is a biological response to avoiding the assholes who are generating electro-magnetic fields which affect my mind set and ability to adapt due to fatigue. These people are described as energy vampires. It is startling that so many of them are choose to work for the state system, attracted to the rigidity and fundamental approach that a person can have only one mind set and that a person is broken and wrong if they do not conform to that. 

We speak of it in terms of right brain (creative) and left brain (logic) thinking. The people who deny that yin, yielding-flowing or creative thinking is 50% of what we are as an organism are themselves broken and irrational as much as people who deny that yang logical assertiveness is broken. To maintain rational credibility we must identify that both are necessary. My lifetime of experiences with state workers indicates that they are left-brained and do not accept right-brained thinking as normal, they regard it as abnormal even when it is not problematic for the person in question. This is why they are themselves not rational people. They collectively reinforce their irrational belief structure and describe anything outside of it as abnormal. It is a major problem for people in general that state workers are like that. 

Meditation teaches us about alpha, beta, delta, theta, etc: states of consciousness. This is not factored for by state workers. I realise that I am better educated, better researched and more fully functional than the officials who write reports describing me as abnormal and suspect. This is of great concern. I know from association with people in society and reading widely on a broad range of topics that I am not alone in recognising this about state workers, indeed the majority of humans recognise that this is the case and the mainstream regards them as the abnormal ones, as energy vampires. However they write the official reports which judges in courts of law and order either accept as fact or deny as hear-say, depending upon the context and whatever the judge's mind set happens to be. These same left-brained officials use a different language to most people - what they call ‘alternate subculture’ is actually the way most functional rational people believe the world to be. 

We have a situation where a minority are dictating to the majority that the majority are wrong and deluded and that anybody who stands out from and does not conform to an artificial, non-existent state of being is ‘alternate’. This is a problem for society. Those who adapt to fit into society are not the problem unless they are adapting to a maladjusted and dysfunctional society. Those who stand out by living as well balanced, healthy people are described as social pioneers and innovators and also as ‘alternative subculture’. 

To expand on this I have recognised that the word and concept for 'set' which also means 'warren' developed from the Egyptian deity Sukhet, who later was re-named Set. The horned viper deity is the serpent which speaks with two tongues. Sukhet is a shape-shifter. It represents the mind, a duality occurring that it at once is flowing and unfixed of form while simultaneously it is a precise thing albeit one very difficult to grasp. Set is depicted as any number of animal forms - typically a Tapir (often called a 'pig') because they are stubborn and willful, yet are difficult to catch. As the pantheon developed Set is more recently associated with perversion and adversity.

It is not mistake that the acronym for the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence is called SETI.

Horus and Set create between them: Balance

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