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We are complimentary genders, not opposing genders.

Exploring traditional perception which has survived cultural and language changes since time immemorial, during which both genders have at various times been repressed, venerated, and generally regarded as equals with differences. For this reason this text contains a use of language which might be described by feminists as patriarchal. We can not explore history without doing so because it is so deeply ingrained into the fabric of our being. Perceived sexism is not intentional.

I work for #GenderlessEquity. I fully support that males and females are naturally, biologically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and socially intended to balance one another by facing together the challenges of our differences. We are complimentary genders, not opposing genders. This is how we thrive best. We learn and develop together. As an evolving species we require making the effort to comprehend and support one another to achieve progress. This is an ongoing focus. When that effort fails, individuals, families, communities, cultures, nations, and people generally; fail. 

I am fully aware that we currently live in an era where gender division is manipulated and promoted because divisionism is a useful tool of statecraft. Those who govern are of the attitude that; 

"Set them against each other then step in to reign. United they stand, divided they are isolated, therefore are easier to control. That they choose division over unity is proof of why they need to be controlled; they clearly cannot control themselves." 

Apparently this text now has a larger disclaimer than the intended main body of the text, simply as a justification of what I am trying to achieve. It is necessary to ward of criticism by those who are entirely missing the point. 


"She is all over the place with her feelings."

Women need to be stabilized. Their peer groups idiom, their coven as support, maintaining a working worldview, is one method, encircling each individual who is in turn a part of the circle. The woman's partner is another who puts a focus in and hammers it home; mentally, emotionally, biologically by physical design, culturally by adhering to social creed.

The En part of the word men is pre-Babylonian and means* exactly that; to instruct, to give direction. The intention is to provide stability by adhering to the social structure designed to work for human communities. The Creed, the agreed format of How We Should Be Living To Best Thrive.

The rise of feminism has destroyed the relationship between men and women, by undermining men's ability to do that and therefore undermining men's self-worth as having a valid role in community. 

In today's communities the rejection and emasculation of men is seeing men criminalized for acting naturally as by design. The rise of extremist female supremacy called Feminism and its overt and covert support from the State system. All she has to do is say that "he frightens me" or that he sexually misconducted her, and he will be dragged through hell and branded as a danger element to society. Evidence is not required.

Nice people who have not been through this trauma claim aghast "No, we do not live in such a totalitarian state! Nobody would permit it!" And yet increasing numbers of men are telling these nice, naive people that is exactly what is happening. Of course once criminalized that man is a social outcast who nice people do not listen to lest they taint themselves by association. "He must have done something wrong!" What he did wrong was he was born male and fall under the auspices of a corrupt state control pogrom. It happened prior to World War Two less than a century ago in the run-up to Nazi controlled Germany. It's happening in Britain, Now.

The war against men as a tool of social division funds the Law Society whose members swear an Oath to uphold the Law Society. It consists of Police, Law School trained Solicitors and Court system. It provides a constant stream of income for all of that. The word Law is a deception here because it is not the Common Law which is being upheld but the government issued Statutes as Acts of A Majesties parliament; the Legal system.


"What is the relationship between Law and legal system?" Ask I. 
"The Law and legal system are designed to go hand in hand." Rebecca, Solicitor

"The Common Law of our ancestors 
('do not harm, steal or use trickery, and keep the Peace') 
predates history; so, 
how can it be 
'designed to work hand in hand'
with the current form of legal system?'" I asked her.

"I can not answer that." She replied. I did not press as to her reasons.
As to which is superior, in circumstances of Law vs Legal to determine outcome; 

We no longer have Law Courts (common Law courts). 
We have instead Magistrates courts, Crown courts, 
and we have Courts of Law and Order.
It is the ORDER part of this equation which is the critical factor 
as to how we now have such corruption occurring. 

"Whose system of Order?" Ask the Many.

"The Judge. In accordance with ..." 

Whatever she had for breakfast?


"The more you go through, the wiser you become.
The more you put others through, the wiser they become to you." 


* En. Men. Mean (intent) as in meaning. Meander (derivation).


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