Friday, 29 December 2017

Narc Parade

Narc Parade

People bitching vehemently about their partners in public to strangers on social media platforms and in the street, these people have zero conscientiousness. They have already decided to sell out their relationship. Sanctity of any partnership relies on it being a 1-1 entity which by introducing others into it has become a 1-world-1 entity with the world coming between them and their partner, replacing their own empathic and intellectual capabilities with advice from networks, in the hope by doing so, also alleviates them from culpability. This is a Beta caste trait. These are described as ‘support networks' in the same way that ‘invaders’ are called ‘liberators’.

How does this equate to the All Men Are Narcissistic paradigm?

The Narcissism Paradigm is fundamentalism because it operates within a limited scope, programming people of limited scope, to make choices based on limited factors, to the exclusion of humanitarian factors. It is designed to manufacture gender hate as a tool of divisionism, under the pretext of safeguarding a victim. To enjoy the support of that false safeguarding, you have to step down from a position of relative stability into ‘victim mode’.

The Narcissism Paradigm functions as does a cult. Divisionism is both covert and overt psychological warfare. Families and Communities are the target of agenda based Societies. Society is defined as being 'membership of a club agreeing to follow an established system of rules or a creed'. It is not the same as community.

This specific society is fifth wave feminism. It is hostile toward males and exploits both males and females through manipulation although in different ways. By polarizing the female as victim role she becomes vulnerable and the male becomes the abuser. He has been dehumanized and receives zero support. It is prejudice and abuse of males by organized extremism from female supremacists. Perpetuating that ‘one blueprint fits all’ of the Narc Parade instead of more accurately dealing with cases individually, we are witnessing the destruction of individuals, family and community. We are seeing the destruction of stability as cultural mainstream.

This is not to say that there are not far too may cases of genuine abuse from one gender toward the other in relationships. In such cases the self-respecting victim requires to leave immediately. To stay is to accept the consequences.

"It's not always that easy."  Yes it is. Millions have done it. 
If you are in that situation, you should to, as soon as possible.

What we are seeing with promotion of the Narc Parade is exploitation to create a general delusion that 90% of cases are one thing where the truth is that only 10% of cases are that thing.
It works by playing on negative traits of fear, hatred, self-pity. Those are the undesirable qualities it encourages individuals to face and choose to grow instead of rising above them and making them smaller, as is involved in true healing. If it is true that you cannot heal while under the influence of negativity, apply that to the advice of the manipulation networkers who are not qualified professional counselors, healers, etc.


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