Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Net Vamps

"Is it Support or is it Supply?"

The major thing I became aware of during my time in social media platforms is a certain type of creature which feeds off people in friends list, syphoning energy from them, by projecting envy and hate and other grids at them through profile pictures on a friends list or in groups.

These psychic vampires are a more real world hazard than internet trolls because they are more difficult to identify, and although you can block both, ignoring trolls makes them move on, where ignoring psychic vampires is enablement, they simply grow fatter while you grow weaker.

Dr Emoto showed us simple science experiments we can do ourselves which prove conclusively that psychic vampirism and psychic empowerment are very real things.

Yet for all we hear about trolls, because they leave an obvious trail of harassment through any empathic and mental attachments we are entangled into, we hear less about vampires.
The methods I learned for protection are to block them which can be difficult because their technique is to project onto you a friendship and belief they are there to help you, advise you, whole all they are doing is feeding on your gratitude and any negativity they feel an affinity with.

When you identify the very nature of a social media site is there are more gates going out than there are coming in, and most of those gates are automated wheels of constant motion stimulation to flicker and attract your attention to reel you back into them in multiple places, the whole site becomes recognisable to be a vampire itself, a mindless AI one. Recognising the Internet can do this, facilitates this, goes against mainstream 'permitted' consciousness. Social media platforms paid staff rely on you experiencing or causing problems to justify their paycheck, thus there is incentive for it as a singular entity to maintain that continual flux of draining you for energy and attention.

This is bad for your health as a background dirge. When you have one or more focused psychopaths targeting you by stalking your activity, even if they are doing so only through covert observational without overt account hacking, their attention-tendrils are still a drain upon their target.

These will be the first people to call you paranoid for becoming aware. That is how narcissist work, by alienating their chosen victim.

This invisible, unspoken factor of the lives of those heavy users reliant on digital drug for entertainment and companionship in place of natural creativity and safer, more meaningful communication, should receive more public raised attention.

It doesn't because we feel bad about it, at surface because it risks offending friends we communicate with online and alienating ourselves. More deeply because it's a reminder how weak and powerless we are trapped in routine behavioural cycles as conditional automata, how addicted we are to technology drug, and that there are levels of Self awareness in play we have not yet fully recognised because we are discouraged by wider society of zombies, controlling slavers and by vampires specifically from assimilating genuine spiritual education. Those who have vested interest in your ignorance.

Insensitive people do not like to admit that sensitive people have equality, are right, exist. The J-types (judgemental) prefer to regard them (empathic, intuitive types) as broken or problematic than accept them as experiencing superior, advanced, refined senses.

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