Friday, 29 December 2017

Mensa vs Madness

"One person's madness is another person's magick." Merlyn of the Woods

"Only the Insane have strength enough to prosper;
Only those who prosper can truly judge what is sane." 
Warhammer 40K


"You are either mentally ill, or a genius." 

"Mensa say i am a genius. I took their tests." 

"State mental health workers report says you are mentally ill."

"State mental health worker is not a genius. She is incapable of making acurate assessment, as proved." 

"I'm not sure which to trust in."

"Given that they have never observed me acting insanely, because I do not; 
1) They can only go on what I myself say.
2) They ignore what I say and go by third party dogma and hearsay, mistaking it for Truth, which is corruption." 

"Which are you referring to, Mensa or Mental Health workers?"

"Both. Evaluate it."

"Prove that you are a genius." 

 "e=mc2 is an abstraction from normality. It is also erroneous given it does not factor c (time) as a variable which has been proved.

 "Can you prove it?"

"I don't have to and besides, you can't either. From our situation it's hearsay. Did you assume it as Truth simply because someone who told you they are an authority also told you to accept it as Truth?"

"No, someone else told me that the authority was an authority, and I took it on authority." 

"Unquestioningly accepted it as a Truth with zero evidence." 


Trying to teach about, explain, express, instruct, advanced concepts to people who are not themselves advanced, is pointless. They won't and don't get it. They will likely resent it and you for not explaining it well enough in layman's terms. 


"If you are a genius, what is the area of your expertise?"

"Esoteric. Magdeburg Witch Trials. A religious ie: dogmatic Authority declared the scientists to be heretics because their proof of a vacuum which they had created 'contained no essence of God' therefore as demonic. Esoteric. 

I am shamanism, spirituality, supernature. Esoteric. You have probably been taught by an assumed authority who you unquestioningly believed, that its all mumbo-jumbo and unproveable scientifically. Nobody ever taught you the difference between material and spiritual sciences is like asking why fire don't work under water. They are entirely different fields of physics. There is a missing link and that is something I have had to become knowledgeable about. It's not a field which those with vested interest in maintaining old world, outmoded paradigm of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century are very much prepared to let go by them without them throwing volumes of hate toward it, very unscientifically once you think about it. 

I follow the teachings and development of of classical Western Hermeticism right back through to its Eastern and African roots. I follow the teachings of Gustav Karl Jung who is famous as a psychologist but that was a small and lesser part of his insight as his writings show. His work of syncronicity for example, what you call coincidences. Nikola Tesla was another. His writings explain a non-Newtonian paradigm which is by others loosely referred to as phase-field or scalar physics."

"So it is Science."

"Application as perception and development of spiritual sciences, as verified as valid by ancient stellae from much wiser and advanced civilizations who have fallen to Time and yet inspired and continue to educate our own.

The ignorant and what defines them is they mistake the advanced for different, therefore alien and suspect, therefore to be prejudiced, oppressed, retarded and stopped, to prevent their dangerous alternate world view from infecting our goodly community of ignorant, unquestioning zombies and slaves with its heretical madness. They regard the Genius as a wolf amongst the sheeple. They smash ancient stellae and new technology and they kill pioneers and inventors. It's not specifically technology like machines though, it is lifestyle and attitude of spirituality and spiritual development. The study of which is how people become advanced." 

"The more you go through, the wiser you become.
The more you put others through, the wiser they become to you." 

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