Monday, 23 February 2015

cultural development

Our civilization, is it that great? Do we strive to maintain it? We hope it is progressive toward something better than what we have done with what we inherited.

Tonight i have been thinking the following points:
-Cultural development is caught up in the economic system.
-Western economics are crashed because half its money has disappeared. Where?
-The only voice answering this specifically, says that the military scientists are on a technological development curve which costs that much to continue.

Question: do we want that much resources going toward that specific purpose? Given what it does to the lives of the rest of us to be underfunded. (86% of worlds wealth owned by 1% of population etc)

Answer 1: even now, many of us have better education, hygiene and living standards than at many times in history. If you are reading this, it includes you.
Answer 2: define 'that specific purpose'; what exactly have they built which costs so much money?

The military technology spokesperson explained the problem they have is twofold: first, that they are so far advanced in what is possible to build than what the mainstream is educated into believing is possible, this is itself a problem. Second, the technology is as much spiritual as it is physical objects, and the same applies, mainstream is not apparently spiritual enough to be able to cope with what the technology is for. So answering that is not an easy answer. That is how far the technology has developed.

There is hope in this. That we might become spiritually advanced enough to benefit from the technology at some point, and that technology and spirituality from this planet is further ahead than many people are aware.

So day to day, our civilisation is not that great, but there are things happening outside of our lives which will eventually filter down into  the lives of our children and their children and their childrens children, which are more advanced than what we are ready for.

By the time we accept this in ourselves, we will already be on the path toward being ready for such technology. This is the very first step from between here and there. Is that such a bad thing about our civilisation and how it is going? Transition should not be regressive it should be progressive toward that state.

Acceptance. It is one of the most powerful tools for spiritual progression we all have within us.

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