Thursday, 26 February 2015

immortal society pt2

Immortal Society pt2

Her eyes glowed outward, petal layers of indigo, cyan, violet; purple flowers.
I see this in the grain of the particles our environment consists of. I see this because I have been there to a consciousness sleeker than visual perception permits. In dream and the gap between dream and waking, taking the powers of one through to the other; the dream become time-mass, the dimension of time-mass become the dreaming. Always have I known this to be my task, my nature, my purpose. Through infinite lifetimes I am Gate and Guardian of this Gate.

On another occasion as we embraced, and later talking about that event we both described an experience of the same thing; between us, together, we have the focus and purity, the nervy to make it happen, to bring our dreaming through. Because we are each pure enough, true to our own true nature, honest enough to access Truth which is required to develop the necessary awareness and ability. It is why Truth is so important and mystics revere it so much we dedicate our lives to it. “What we See is what we Sey.” The Sey spelled this way it means the world manifest of our speech. A Leyline in the physical world, a Seyline in the spoken. This is indigenous Shamanism from cultures around the world. There are multicultural temples to it, temples of stone, song and perception. The Sight and Truth are the same thing, in the way that Time and Mass are the same thing, cannot have one without the other.

On the occasion we embraced I saw her wings spread out behind her back because my heart was pouring through my chest and into her, our central chakra becoming now; while her heart flow in perfect balance with my own energised my visual ability which is how I am configured most of the time, to See, to See with a Y both sides and all around a thing in multi-dimension. We are multidimensional entities and by staying open to that wave we bring it through and live it. I saw her wings even with my eyes closed because the grain of electromagnetic energy which describes our form tells the particles where to flow, what shape to take. This material body is a thing which we wear while we are in mass-time; our configuration when balanced properly connects to our truer multidimensional self outside of mass-time. The flowing of our soul takes our true form and i saw her wings just as I saw her eyes, those of sorceress.

These skills and this connection to Self requires many lifetimes to develop. We have patience for we are immortal: ‘no form of energy stops; it transmutes’. And we have been doing this for a long time. Fortunate to meet up again in this lifetime here and to flow in Love. It is because we have trust, that the simple law of energy is that it flows toward its perfect balance, flows eternally until it meets and merges with its perfect balance in perfect harmony. It flows through many forms to do what it has to do and then releases back toward its own true nature.

When we leave this density, we go elsewhere; to a density more fitting for our purpose and whatever we are at that time. This is what is happening in the Dreaming and its process is that of the Songlines. What people call the Spirit world is the parts of it which exist outside of time-mass as we experience it here. Whatever density seems most real to us, that is what we are drawn to and what we experience, manifest around us. All of it is within the Dreaming. 

When we see peoples true form rather than the dense material shape of the bodies, as an overlay akin to augmented reality where holographs are projected onto the physical world; this is what the Dreamtime Shamen (Manaya) describe as and call Sixth Age consciousness. Currently planet Earth as a mass-time entity is entering into its 5th Age. The Manaya are timeless.

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