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Tiger Story

Tiger Story

Children talk by analogy. The tiger that made my son cry in the zoo because it scratched his friend. His friends have similar names, isabel and isabella. One is good and one is bad. His friend the nice one was scratched and it made him cry so he told the teacher why.

We grown-ups happen to know there are not tigers in that zoo and the unlikelihood that if there were, they would be free to roam about and scratch children during a school trip to the zoo. We did not take my son up on this because we enjoyed his voice, his story, his communication.

What he is trying to explain is something else. He is at an age dealing with the difference between what he is trying to say, about how he feels, with the words he has to put it into, a story, in his attempt to get the adults to share it with him. He feels the need to do this process of divergence, as do most children, because the adults are crazy and unresponsive and seem to be talking at an alien language to the innocent emotions of a child, the flow of truth purity from the heart. That innocence is telempathic between most children and a few adults who survived, by nurturing it, by being nurtured. It does not translate easily into words, words that do it any justice. The difference between reptilian download and human emotion. Words as lego bricks of mind control verses expressing what is actually intended, the shared love, so the group can access higher level perception together as a group, the Sharing. Kids do it naturally they are powerful at it after their first few years where its the only thing they know.

It is difficult finding a way to explain to an adult that even as an adult, i am aware of what the kids are going through. It is equally as difficult to explain it to a child. Because it diverges immediately as it is put into words. Some adults dont get it, they are so un-plugged from the ability to partake in the emotional sharing, they have no concept of its power, the radiation of a heart or amplified by multiple hearts flowing together as one, how it radiates out electromagnetically so the emotion of feeling happy being alive, feeling the life flow, goes into the environment and there is a feedback system between environment and person the same way there is a feedback system between two or more people who use our life force energy this way. To do it collectively as a group is a fundamental teaching of islamic religion despite the observers awareness of religion being detached, is usually focussed on process and terminology rather than on the experience which the words are intended to be about. It is the same in buddhist groups using different terminology and contexts to achieve the same goals. It is the same in pre-reformation christianity although todays congregations forget that amen means do an ohm as a group unity. The druids spell it ogham. There is a sanskrit word used by the celts, kell, which means the group who are connected.

Childen remind us to be this way all the time; and we adults in our superiority, ignore them all the time. So they give up. It happens to 99% of western kids and it happens every generation. Nobody listens and feels to what it is the children are trying to show us, through whatever words and context they happen to have at their disposal, going around in their mind at the time. The arena of the mind takes over. Welcome to mainstream western culture.

My son was not lying about the tigers, he was speaking descriptively using what he hoped would be a common langauge to reach into the adults, his parents, to get them to share the comfort with him because he needed that comfort for his healing. Adult ego blocks it completely. Adult programmed minds, detached from heart and cycling around only the words, the program code, misses it completely. Our emotions are so battered from feeling isolated, or harmed when we do risk opening up to share with another person.

We revere the children for maintaining this ability, because they can remind us what we have lost. In some cultures of the past we worshipped our children, instead of teaching them. Because of healing purity.

Children teach by analogy. The tiger that made my son cry in the zoo because it scratched his friend. Two of his friends have similar names, isabel and isabella. One is good and one is bad. His friend the nice one was scratched and it made him cry so he told the teacher why.

Telling the grown up why.
Identifier: explaining to grown up.

Two similar streams, one good one bad.
Identifier: misperception. two channels of the mind, one is detaching one is accurate to intended meaning.

The good one injured because the tiger scratched it.
The wild power detached awareness away from the intended flow.

the wild power, the intended meaning itself. Itself a dualistic symbol. A struggle to tame the wild power.

Upset because in friendship with injured friend.
Identifier: empathic awareness and connection.

My son was not lying about the tiger scratching his friend. He is more intelligent than the adults around him who are failing as friends because they are not in tune to the emotional and mental channels of their own son, enough to identify what he is trying to communicate about. The child is more intelligent and emotionally connected than are his parents. We are too stupid to see it. Two hours later I am writing about this to figure it all out and raise awareness of it, for the greater good. My next step is attempting to explai n to a four year old that I know what he is talking about and he doesnt have to get so frustrated about his parents missing the point all the time. Thats the difficult bit because of words, contexts, detaching from the intended meaning.

I remember when i was a kid going through the same process of awareness and mental development with my own parents. Usually the detachment sets in and becomes the main mindset, officially recognised as normal by most people. I was never able to express this fully and attempts to do so have alienated me from everyone, probably because it rings too many bells.

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