Tuesday 24 February 2015


Culture and Colony

We went up there to the high frozen north. Some went on and we thought them crazy, suicidal, those lands are impossible to survive. Some went back, most went back. We stabilized up there and our kids took our culture back to the lands we had travelled through, integrating with others who had settled on the way.

The frozen north gave us no time to mess about, minimalism happened. The bleak lifestyle was harsh, so we knew the elements, heat and cold, we knew the life things, water, animals. We relied on the catalyst of these spirits, to survive. We drummed, we told stories to keep our spirit alive and they are stories of how we survived and of the spirits which helped us. A white winter landscape does everything to change the soul yet is uninspiring for poetry, only the forlorn secret poetry, the long study that takes winters to know and to appreciate because we cannot tame all that. Cannot pass shivering information to kids, they need bright and colourful. They need not know the chattering concerns of spirits and sight developed as we age, they need optimism and preperation for the things which will concern them. The importance of making connections between all things, the weave that nothing is wasted. Animal skin and animal fat, animal meat and animal spirit. Fire, ice. Nothing else up here in the north. The northing and the thorning cold.

As we bred and expanded we needed more resources than these lands can provide. The returning ones in the less frozen lands we came through have plants, make wood carvings, have more room for diversity. Our winter-catalysed blueprint on them expands to include more developed culture. As we settle, no longer explorers, into a place better fitted for human life, the weave and the stories are carved and remembered through a few generations, tales of the elder days fuel our imaginations. Artifacts take on life of their own and become their own spirits in the same way the elements became spirits. Our awareness of the spirits of these things existing independantly of our awareness grows stronger. The new generation of spirits made by the elders and a desire to make yet further new ones more appropriate to our now lifestyle. This distills into a culture, a pantheon of stories we all identify with, we all know. In part histories, in part mythologies. This is set into a naturally developed form. This is taken by those specializing in recognizing it and expands further back toward the other cultures forming around us, trade cultures and so through the stories of those cultures and our own interchange, common ground is founded, stories so bright by their brilliance we respect them despite their evidently being from such a different and established cultural traditions with different references than our own. Different spirits, exotic elements. We teach our kids flavours of places far away by remembering the travellers tales. Good stories hold their elements well.

We make peace and we make war. Love and Anger. The children born into war make peace with our enemies and our long time trade allies betray us. Our edges are defined thus, by borders geographic, by borders emotional, mental; social. Where the elements are impenetrable and cannot be worked around, we accept defeat at this time, continuing questioning, will it thaw, will it soften, will it yield.

Stories return to us in a form we can accept from other worlds. How the harshness of space has changed those who left this planet. How the other worlds where our descendants make home are changing them. For cultural gestation to be done properly and with respect of, awareness of, have learned from the lessons of the past, we do not migrate our warlike nature there wholesale. We do not want macdonalds on the moon, we do not want the corporate bank of saturn nor even the royal monarchs of mars. We want our colonists to have every chance to become what we feel they should, and can, if given the chance. We give them that chance; a life-raft and autonomy from the outset because they need it, deserve it. Without the full, true spirit of pioneering, they will lack the drive necessary to survive beyond mere consumer estate reliant on imported necessities.

It is the next wave who will travel there on a beam wearing the dogma of earth cultures and infect them with our own progress, a wave that has been assimilated by transumanism and all share the same google-brain hive-mind telepathic database programmed acceptance and happiness, which is necessary on earth to avoid the war of global apocalypse, which is necessary to transit planet earth from capitalism based global monoculture to a more humane and artistically led community. Because a part of earths nature is primal and aggression, as much as its life is symbiotic and creative.

Meanwhile the colonists have become their own small nation, teaching us of their discoveries, of their elements, feelings and thoughts. From a different gravity well comes different synaptic connections, different perceptual connections. Poems teaching insights no earthling to use the derogatory term, terran to use the transhumanism term; could ever have come up with. We do not have that colour in our skies, that texture in our lives. The spirits of the new worlds are something new for us to experience and be affected by.

This has already began. The public on earth are not informed of it because we are not ready to accept it as a reality. In its early days the colonisation of the other worlds, even the technologies that made it possible, were so enshrouded in secrecy and necessarily so, that several generation later we are questioning if they really exist; should the question not be whether we are ready to be informed? You who reads this assumes it to be science fiction because it is mentally safer for you to do so, it is more normal and acceptable for you to do so, to ignore the actual evidence because of the mainstream order of the day. It is designed thus.

This is how the telepaths of other worlds get the message through to you, we use the minds of your creatives to share the knowledge. Our moons configure our minds in just such a way as it is possible to do this, it is different for you on planet earth where instead you have vast rainforests and oceans, the beauty of your planet.

We hope that you can stop the destruction of those things.
We hope you can accept that you as an individual are directly having a consequence on the destruction of those things.
We hope that you can accept, even if you do not save your world from ecological collapse because you destroyed it with your inability to rethink your life and society, return to permacultural ways of pioneering colonists instead of reliance on convenience consumer culture; that you can accept humanity has at least continued on other worlds even without your direct awareness.

You cannot travel to the stars to bring toxins to other planets.
But you can begin to heal your own, right now as soon as you finish reading this.
And if you will not heal your planet, perhaps you will do what you can to heal some of the people around you.
This is the message from the stars.

Copyright 2015 

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